Five Common Laser Hair Removal Myths Debunked

As laser hair removal becomes increasingly popular, there are an increasing number of myths surrounding the procedure. In fact, there is so much conflicting information that it may be difficult to decipher between what is the truth and what is just a myth. Some of the most popular myths are debunked below.

Using Laser Therapy to Remove Hair is Dangerous
This is a common myth. Although the above statement may have once been partially true, lasers are actually very safe now. The important thing to look for when choosing a clinic is that the personnel are fully trained and certified, and that they are using lasers that have been approved by the FDA. Some clinics may use cheaper lasers that have not been deemed safe, which poses a risk to the personnel operating the equipment as well as the client who is receiving the treatments.

Anyone Can Get Laser Hair Removal
This just is not true. In order to use lasers for hair removal, the hair cannot be gray or white. Some blonde haired clients may not be good candidates for this procedure as well. The truth is that the laser is attracted to the pigment in hair. Hair that is lighter, such as blonde, white or gray is lacking sufficient amounts of pigment to attract the laser. A simple telephone call will not suffice in this instance. It’s always best to have a face-to-face evaluation in order to determine whether your hair type is suitable for laser treatment.

It’s only necessary to attend one session to be rid of unwanted hair for good
This is just another untruth. In fact, it may be necessary to get treatments once a month for up to six or more months in order to completely remove unwanted hair in a certain area. Hair grows in many different phases, and in order to remove all of the hair in a certain area many different treatments are necessary.

There is an intense amount of pain associated with the procedure
Lasers have come a long way since they were first approved by the FDA. In fact, the procedure can be virtually painless in certain areas, and most commonly feels like a rubber-band snap on the surface of the skin. Most people who have had laser treatments say that it is a lot less painful than getting unwanted hair waxed every couple of weeks.

The Treatments Are Super Expensive
There’s no doubt about it, laser hair removal treatments are not cheap. However, when compared to the cost of a lifetime of waxing laser treatments are comparable. The initial cost will be more than waxing treatments. The difference is that lifetime laser treatments aren’t necessary. Many clinics have payment plans, so treatments are rather affordable.

When searching for a clinic that performs safe, quality, effective laser treatment it is important to look for certified professionals that use only FDA certified lasers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Schedule a consultation today, and soon you’ll be on your way to a happier, hair-free you!

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