Five Great Reasons To Vacation In Florida

Few holiday regions in the world can compete with Florida these days, and if you are yet to discover the magical charms of the Sunshine State then it’s time you paid a visit. Thousands of tourists make their way there every month, and a sizable proportion of them are returning for the second or third time, such is the power of the Floridian magnet. Here are five perfectly good reasons to go there for your next vacation.

The climate
Throughout the year, Florida offers visitors a wonderful climate that makes it such a pleasure to be there. In the summer months, almost every morning is greeted with blue skies and a warm sun, and even through the winter the temperatures are generally pleasantly high. Be warned, however, that it can get rather humid from June to August, so be prepared for a little discomfort from time to time.

The attractions
The theme parks of Florida are rightly famous throughout the world, and there are several which are well worth a visit for people of all ages. As well as these palaces of fun, there are several more major attractions, including zoos, museums and the iconic Kennedy Space Center. In order to experience everything, be sure to draw up an itinerary before you fly to the USA.

The food
If you like to experiment a little when eating on vacation, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. You’ll find a huge choice of cuisine options in Florida, ranging from home-cooked Southern specialities to the most popular dishes from all over the world. A good tip is to start the morning with a hearty Sunshine State breakfast, which will give you the energy you need to make the most of the coming day.

The beaches
Even if you plan to hit the theme parks on most days, there will be times when you want to relax, and the beaches of this beautiful state provide the perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries. Long expanses of white sand, a warm sea that offers the finest conditions for swimming and water sports, and a tempting array of waterside bars and restaurants all combine to make a day at the beach something very special in Florida.

The welcome
The Sunshine State has developed a reputation for being extremely friendly in recent years, and many first-time visitors to Florida are often surprised at the warmth of their welcome. There is a noticeably laid-back attitude here, and this makes the pace of life pleasingly slower than in many other parts of the USA. Even driving a hire car here is a more chilled-out experience, especially if you avoid the main peak traffic hours.

David Showell is British and has visited Orlando several times. He works for an international car rental specialist.

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