Five Ideal Wedding Program Fans

Although Americans still consider summer to be a wedding season, the truth is that people get married each month of the year. While wedding program fans are typically used when it is hot outside, they are also versatile items for any marriage ceremony. To get a better understanding of using this type of wedding program, five ideas are listed below.

A hint of scent
In some families, there is a chapel that everyone gets married in and you want to follow this tradition. Sadly, a strange smell in the ceremonial area may be unpleasant to some people. In order to cover the smell, you can use fans to fight your battle. Although it is important to avoid chemicals because it gives some people headaches, you can mist a 100% natural fragrance oil on the fans. When people waved them around, the scent is released into the air.

Keeping the sun out of their eyes
When it comes to weddings, there will always be a problem with lighting. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can find yourself flooded with light exactly where you do not want it. Since lighting is fairly unpredictable, the best way to prepare your guests is by giving them fans as a potential shield.

Shooing away the birds
There is nothing more frightening than being attacked in your best hat by a bird as you walk into a wedding chapel. For this reason, if you and your wedding guests plan to spend any time outdoors, wedding program fans can certainly come in handy. This is especially true if you release doves or have food that attracts pigeons or sea birds.

Ensuring hot flashes are at bay
Weddings bring out people of all ages and states of health. For instance, women that are pregnant or menopausal will certainly appreciate fans. In addition, anyone with anxiety, high blood pressure or another ailment that makes you feel hot will certainly need a fan to keep cool.

The real reason people love wedding program fans
When you are wearing a tuxedo on a hot day, fans help to keep you from turning into a sweat monster. Although they have many practical uses on the day of the wedding, they are still useful afterward. Most wedding programs go into a drawer after the big day. However, the practical use of wedding program fans is infinite. They are also wonderful items to put on display in a collection. Obviously, this versatile item is one that you will want to include.

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Stacey Hess is a floral designer and enjoys blogging abour weddings, flowers, and advice about both.  Wedding program fans are a great gift to guests that add to their enjoyment of your special day.

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