Five Innovative Design Ideas For The Home

Designing a small space so that it appears much larger is a trick professional home decorators use frequently. However, anyone can use these tricks to create an open and airy space in otherwise cramped quarters. Tips that include hanging decorative wall mirrors and keeping clutter off of light-colored floors help individuals make the most of their small rooms.

Skip the Details
When decorating a room, the person should shoot for the bare minimum in terms of décor. Keeping the color palette light by painting all of the walls off-white or a pastel hue, such as pale yellow, allows light to better reflect, which gives the feeling of more space. Also, while the idea of painting a single wall a different color may be impressive, a person living in a small space should skip that idea altogether. The idea is to create an airy, open space so to give the visual illusion of more room.

Add Dimension
Decorative wall mirrors, photos and prints give the illusion of space through adding depth and dimension to a room. By using a single, decorative photo frame to highlight a portrait or work of art, a person can transform the style of a room in a snap without creating too many distractions as is the case with multiple small images. Placing decorative wall mirrors so they reflect light allows light to bounce through the room. Mirrors can also give the feeling of an additional room or area through their reflection.

Stay in Focus
In any room the focus should be on a single object. For a bedroom, this should be the bed, while the living room can focus on a sofa or fireplace mantel. In a kitchen, this could be the dining room table and its centerpiece. Focusing the eye on a single print or pattern allows for style without detracting from the otherwise open and airy space.

Light the Way
Using lighting, both organic and man-made, will give a room a brighter feeling, which helps to create a larger space. As light particles reflect off of walls and furniture, they generate expansion in the eye. Using this trick can be as simple as hanging sheers over the windows or being liberal with white candles.

Keep an Open Floor Plan
In a small room an owner wants to maximize their space. Continuing the theme of less is more, a person should just say no to rugs on the floors. Also, by choosing a light-colored carpet, linoleum or wood flooring it reflects additional light naturally. Keeping the floor clear of clutter also maximizes the light that can reflect off of the floor’s surface.

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