Five Nail Art Beauty Apps

The world of beauty and fashion is constantly changing. Beauty today is not only restricted to having the right makeup or wearing the right kind of clothes. It has exceeded expectations, offering much more.

Nail art is one branch of beauty that is quickly gaining recognition. The number of nail artists is constantly on a rise.

The availability of beauty apps has made things easier for everybody, as there are several beauty apps on the market that can help you learn this unique art.

Given below are five great nail art apps that will answer all your nail art related queries.

Hair & Nail Style Catalog

This is a very creative application that allows you to search through numerous nail styles and arts to choose the one you like the most. It is a Japanese built application, which makes it even more interesting as you find a better variety of styles in the app.

Hair & Nail Style Catalog is a complete beauty app as it does not only cater to nail art, but also offers other beauty tips.

Nail Polish App

This application from Daily Glow is totally different and allows more than what one expects from a beauty app. It literally lets you see if a certain nail polish will suit you! How? The application lets you take a photo of your hand and then try out one of several different nail polish colors available.

Additionally, you can also change the widths and lengths of your nail beds to experiment more. This will give you an idea about which style would suit you better so that you can try it in real-life.

Nail Lover

This application by Superior allows you to be creative and create your own nail designs by choosing colors and shapes. Nail Lover is one of the most commonly used nail art applications by artists as it allows them to show clients how a certain design would look.

One of the major reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is very easy to use and involves no complex understanding.

Nail Art DIY

This beauty app by allows you to try simple and complex designs. You can start with a simple color and then show your originality by trying different combinations and designs.

The icing on the cake is the availability of step-by-step tutorials that will make you a master air brusher. Additionally, one does not need an internet connection for this one to work, which means you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Duri Cosmetics

Duri Cosmetics is a smart product from Duri that contains a wide range of its products. You can get the information you need, in addition to finding salons. This particular application will not teach you about nail art, but will definitely help you find the items you may need to get the desired art.

Get these applications from the application store today and polish your nail art skills. We are sure you will find these applications highly useful.

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