Five Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Hired

Finding a job is easy, getting hired is the hard part. So you’ve navigated your way thorugh the tricky labyrinth that is job hunting, made all the right moves, flaunted your skills in an astonishing display of CV excellence and are eagerly waiting to conquor the interview like the slickest professional that ever lived – but no one’s calling. Sending your CV out into the endless void and never getting any response is one of the most frustraying parts of the process and can quickly make you feel too despondent to carry on so, if that’s the dead end you find yourself in – here’s five probable reasons you aren’t getting hired!

1. No one’s even seeing your CV
Make sure you avoid generic HR email addresses like the plague and rather opt to send your CV to a real human that’s likely to check their inbox and not simply trash you for being spam. An even better approach is to ensure that an agency is sending your email out to the right people, or that you have some idea of where it’s going. Having friends or acquaintences at a company who can confirm recipt of an emailed CV is even better.

2. Your CV is too long
Make sure your CV doesn’t waffle on about every single career move you’ve ever made, especially if the company you’re applying at only asks for a one or two page CV.

3. Your cover letter is too generic
Anyone that’s ever opened and read a generic, standard cover letter will most likely spit vemon every time they encounter one after that – they are boring and they make you look like you haven’t put in any effort at all. It’s imperative that you tailor make each and every introductory letter every single time you send out a CV.

4. You missed a key instruction
Do you automatically send every organisation a Word version of your CV without even checking what their criteria is? If so, you might be missing the mark by not following directions properly. Some companies look for PDF versions of a CV, or ask you to follow six steps while applying – and it’s really important you show them your attention to detail by following them.

5. You’ve missed the mark salary-wise
If you’re asked to specify what salary you’re looking for during an applicaton, make sure you’ve done your research on industry standards before writing anything down. If you aim unrealistically high they’ll likely discard you from the get go, and if you aim too low it may indicate that you’re underqualified.

Ben Goodman is an experienced journalist writing for which provides jobs in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

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