Five Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Home Against Lightning

Lightning is one the most natural and most common occurrences which causes destruction. Lightning can strike anywhere and everywhere on the planet causing either minimum or maximum damage to anything.

Lightning protection is something that is often over looked but is a crucial precaution for any structure, business or home.  Below are five reasons why it is absolutely necessary to make sure the correct protection against lightening is in place.

You cannot PREVENT lightning you can only PROTECT against it
Lightning is a natural occurrence which cannot be stopped, with this in mind there are solutions available where strikes can be intercepted or diverted onto a different path which can handle the result which comes from lightening.

Lightning can physically damage a building
It is extremely common for lightning to damage the roof tops of buildings as well as any additional compartments such as chimneys and tiles. Repairing such damages can turn out to be extremely costly, especially if you haven’t budgeted for emergency repairs to your home.

With lightning comes fire
When lightning strikes there is always a possibility that the initial strike could cause a fire to break out immediately after the impact has struck your building. So how does this happen? A single strike of lightening can reach an outstanding temperature, in fact it can reach a temperature of 30,500oC – Imagine that hitting your roof. If the fire isn’t put out by the storm then there is a high change the fire could spread to dry furnishings cause a roaring fire.

Those pesky electromagnetic fields
There’s more to lightning then you may think as your electrics may feel the wrath of a single strike due to electromagnetic fields. Your electrics could blow leaving you without electricity or you may find your electrical equipment maybe suffer damages.

Beware of conductors
From basic science lessons we should all know that metal attracts and conducts lightning strikes.  However, did you know that this conduction can be carried deep inside a building due to the plumping which carries all through your building causing which could implement irreparable damage to your wiring and your electronics.

All the above common issues with lightning can be resolved when you have a suitable lightning protection system in place. When investing in lightening protection always make sure you hire someone or a company who is suitably qualified to protect your home or building. An assessment of the building in question should take place in order to recommend the correct safety precautions.

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Guest post by Leisha a copywriter for Steeple Jacks. Steeplejacks are a leader in the industrial chimney, lightning protection and earthing systems market.

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