Five Skills That Every Man Should Learn

Every day is a school day, or so the saying goes. But the truth is, many of us switched off the learning part of our brains a long time ago. Never fear though, you’re never too old to learn something new and there are plenty of ways to pick up some essential new skills while having much more fun than you ever did at school. Real men know how to do things, and here are five things you can learn today that will instantly send you climbing up the cool chain.

How to play poker
Casinos are positively dripping with masculine cool and nothing suggests a man in control more than suavely taking home the chips from the card table. Luckily, even if you’re more of a joker than an ace, you can quickly change that with casino experience days or poker lessons at real life casinos around the country, or with online workshops from card sharps around the world.

How to drive – properly
We’re not talking mirror/signal/manoeuvre here, we’re talking power slides, doughnuts and handbrake turns. Passing your driving test is one thing, but learning what a car can really do is quite another. Rally and off-road driving experience days team you up with an expert who can show you all the basic skills you need to tackle the most demanding of courses.

How to repair a car
Nobody likes that smug smile from the AA man when he opens your bonnet, plugs something back in and your car starts instantly. You’ve sat at the side of the road for two hours for something that took two minutes. Luckily, help is at hand. Check out your local college for evening classes in the basics of car repair to help you on the cold winter mornings and give you that all-important chance to help a damsel in distress when her car won’t start.

How to order wine
Knowing what you’re doing when it comes to perusing the wine list is a great way to look cultured when out for dinner. Whether on a date or a business lunch, confidently ordering something that matches your meals is a great indication of a man that oozes style, sophistication and confidence. Plus, it’ll make your dinner time wine even more enjoyable as well. Plenty of vineyards, hotels, restaurants and wine merchants offer tasting sessions and introductory classes to help you refine your palette.

How to ping a golf ball
Ah, the golf course, the place where power-brokers cut deals and retired footballers spend the remainder of their days. And the place where endless dads seek sanctuary from the kids for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. No longer just the preserve of the upper classes, golf is more accessible and affordable than ever and even if you’ve never clutched a club in your life. Lessons at your local club with a PGA professional make great gifts for men with a passion for sport and will soon have you swinging and winning.

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