Five Things You Need To Look For In A Home

Once your home loan application is processed and your bond terms are approved it is time to start searching for the right home. The right home is defined as the home that suits your needs. So how do you go about looking for this type of home?

Here are the five things that you need to look for in a home:

Number One – The Kitchen
One of the most expensive areas of a home is the kitchen. The age, car and condition of the kitchen and its appliances have a direct impact on whether you should buy the home or not. When looking at a kitchen, be sure to check the kitchen cupboards, the doors and the build in appliances. If you spot any major wear and tear ensure that you renegotiate the deal to have the seller replace the goods or the price lowered to suit the quality level of the kitchen.

Number Two – The Finishing and Materials
Once you know what your price range is, ensure you know what finishes are expected at that price point. Less expensive homes use vinyl flooring, low end carpet and laminated plastic in kitchens and bathrooms. While more expensive homes will have tile or wood flooring and solid surfaces made of granite or slate.

When purchasing a new home, ensure that you expect the finishing of the home and have the current home owner replace or repair any damage to the finishing. Ensure that you have it all written in the contract before you sign; otherwise it will become your responsibility.

Number Three – The Outdoor Areas
Do not forget to have a look at the outside of the house. This includes the gutters, roof, downpipes and paint work. Ensure that you have an outside party inspect areas that you are unable to see from the naked eye (the roof), as they will be able to give you a clear picture on the quality of the home. You do not want to move into a home that has a leaky roof or the paint is peeling off.

Number Four – The Major Systems
Take a look at the heating/air conditioning unit, hot water pools and so on. These systems are extremely costly if not properly maintained. Ensure that you have an expert test all the systems in the home to ensure they are fully functioning without leaks or problems. This is not a guarantee that it will continue to work, but it will safeguard you against purchasing a home with faulty systems.

Number Five – The Paper Trail
When buying a new home, as the owner for the paper trail. This is a copy of the receipts of all repairs, upgrades and services that the home owner has added over the years. This is similar to purchasing a secondhand car and asking to see the vehicles service book. The amenities of a home can be attractive, but if the owner cannot tell you when they upgraded it, then you should start looking at another home.

In conclusion, these are the five unusual things that you need to look at in a home. Remember to still ensure that the home suits your basic needs and that you can imagine yourself living there.

I am Greg Jones, a home loan application agent. I find that more often than not people buy homes without looking through them properly. Ensure that you know the house well before you sign on the dotted line, this will help prevent unfortunate incidents occurring after the sell.

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