Five Top Tips On How To Prepare Your Garden Before A Holiday

There are many things that you have to worry about before you go on holiday, but the one thing that is often forgotten about is your garden. If you are going away during the summer months, this is when your garden is going to need your assistance the most. Don’t neglect your garden when you go away on holiday, instead prepare it for your absence.

Mow Your Lawn

You should mow as close to the time you are going away as possible; this way it won’t have to wait as long until it can be cared for. You shouldn’t cut your lawn shorter than usual as this will only damage it. If you cut your grass too short, you will cause it to go weak. The weaker the grass is the more chance it has of moss and weeds invading the area, or it even dying.

Treat Your Garden Normal

You should mow your garden as normal before you leave, this will ensure that it stays green and healthy during your absence. You may even want to use some aftercut treatment, as this will keep it healthier for longer.

Shelter Plant Pots

If you have many plant pots in your garden, you should move them to a shadier spot in your garden. This will prevent them from drying out whilst you are away. It is important that you never over water your plants; if you do then you may end up killing the plant.

Protect New Plants

If you have new plants in your garden, then it is likely that they won’t survive without having constant care and attention. New plants need a lot more attention than established plants. A great gardening tip is to ask a friend or neighbour to pop into your garden whilst you are away to feed and water your plants. You will have to leave them clear instructions to ensure they don’t overwater or damage your plants.

Protect Vegetables

If you have vegetables growing in your garden, you should harvest them before you go on holiday. If a majority of them are ready to pick, you should pull them out. If you believe that some of the vegetables you are growing will be ready to harvest whilst you are away, you should ask a friend or neighbour to come and pick them for you. Specialist lawn care companies advise that you should never leave vegetables in the patch once they are ready to pick, if you do they will be inedible and it can also cause further problems to your vegetable patch.

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