Five Ways Bad Photography Will Hurt Your Blog – And Your Business

A blog is just one tool to promote your business and attract new customers. In order for it to be an effective tool, it needs to be well done, not hastily thrown together. The photographs you post on your blog are as important as the words you write. If you don’t put enough effort into those photos, here are five ways you’ll be damaging your blog and your business.

Turn-off New Visitors
When new visitors come to your business’s blog, you want them to stay. The aesthetics of your website are going to be the first thing they notice, and that’s why it’s so important to have high-quality, professional design for your site. It’s also imperative that your photographs be appealing upon first glance. If they’re obviously low-quality, your new visitors won’t be enticed to read your blog. In fact, they’ll probably be so turned off by it that they leave without checking out your content at all.

Drive Away Readers
People like looking at attractive things, and that’s why your photography needs to be attractive. If it’s not, you’re going to drive away the readers you do have. If you consistently post photographs of poor quality, you could be very well annoying your loyal readers to the point that they’re ready to find another blog – a blog that offers them high-quality content in everything, including their photos. You can’t afford to lose readers based on the photographs of your blog, so make sure they’re appealing.

Lower the Quality of Your Blog
Bad photography will have an enormous impact on your blog as a whole. An unprofessional-looking blog is a nightmare for any business, and your photographs contribute to that. With poor photographs, you will lower the overall quality of your blog and make it seem poorly done, even if the words you write are amazing. Your photographs need to compliment everything your visitors read and see, so your photographs must be on par with everything else on your blog.

Poorly Represent Your Points
Perhaps the most obvious purpose of photographs within blog posts is to illustrate the points of that post. Photographs are used to visually represent instructions or ideas in how-to posts, for example. Alternatively, they can convey the feeling of the author while writing the post or give readers something to picture in their minds when they’re reading about something unfamiliar. Poor photographs can decrease the quality of your blog posts, and they can actually make your posts difficult to understand or hurt the efficiency with which you present your points.

Damage Your Brand’s Image
Your blog is also a direct representation of your business, so bad photography won’t just damage your blog – it will damage your entire business. Your visitors might think your blog is bad, and so the only natural conclusion they can draw is that your business is bad, too. Your website is meant to impress people and encourage them to do business with you. Unbelievably, the photographs on your blog can have a significant bearing on the willingness of people to give your business a chance to serve them.

Caroline Jones runs a successful restaurant business and provides tips on effective internet marketing that she says includes great photographs and an appealing WordPress photography theme

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