Five Ways We Can Keep You Safe

1. In Relationships
Happy and healthy relationships are the key to a happy life. Whether with future romantic partners, family members or friends, relationships surround us throughout our lives and unfortunately they do not always provide the safe and healthy environment we would like. If you have any trust issues with a partner or suspect infidelity on their part, then we could provide you with the reassurance and certainty you may need. If you suspect that a friend or family member is unhappy or in danger, we could find out answers for you with discretion and confidence.

2. At Work
Your career is another major aspect of your life and we want to make sure that you remain happy and safe at work as well as at home. Often one of the most valuable outcomes of investigation relevant to cases about work is the evidence that it can provide which can be used in legal cases if required. If you are in the midst of a dispute at work or a grievance procedure we can provide any answers you may need. For example, an employee we worked for was wrongly accused of stealing company property and threatened with dismissal when he knew it was a peer. Through surveillance we were able to obtain evidence of the real thief and the client was freed of all charges.

3. Family Life
Family provides some of the most important relationships we will have in our lives and create a secure foundation for our happiness. We understand how much your family mean to you and want to make sure that they’re kept safe too. How much do you actually know about the people that are caring for your children? Do you ever have suspicions over your partner’s fidelity? Have you ever wondered what happened to the cousin from your childhood you’ve lost contact with? We realise that you can’t put a price on protecting your family and loved ones and want to make their happiness our priority too.

4. In Business and Finance
As well as helping you with day to day disputes and inquiries at work, we can also provide specialist services to help business owners with issues such as prospective business partners and investment options. The world of business is a harsh one and its essential that you remain in control of your company and aware of what’s happening with rivals in the industry and we can help you stay ahead with investigations into rival companies and businesses. Our services can also prove most useful in financial situations such as asset location and declarations and evidence for divorce settlements.

5. At Home
Feeling safe at home is probably one of the most important things for everyone. Knowing that, whatever else happens in the day, you’ve always got a sanctuary to return to can make everything seem so much better and this is why we want to help you keep your home a safe haven. Whether this means running background checks on your domestic help, setting up surveillance of troublesome neighbours or keeping track of the tenants in your property, we have the operatives and resources available to suit any case.

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