Five Ways We’ve Found The Truth

Sometimes it can be hard to know when and if people are being honest with us and it’s easy to be blinded with love or false expectations but what if you can’t shake the feeling that someone is lying to you?

Dubious Employee
A couple came to us with concerns over the domestic help they had had in their home for the past two years. When they hired the individual she seemed to be a perfect candidate and filled every criteria they were looking for and always seemed reliable but recently several things had come up that had raised doubts. These doubts and concerns led the couple to contact us to find out if their employee was who they thought she was. We began the investigation and it soon became clear that the target had been hiding her identity and her past from her employers who would never have hired her if they knew the truth.

Honest Past
We were approached by a woman who was concerned about some aspects of her partner’s past and wanted to know more. Though in a happy relationship and planning to get married, the individual had always been quite secretive about his past and never shared much about it. Recently, however several details had slipped out that had made the client feel uneasy about the secrets and she needed to know more before going down the aisle. After completing some very thorough research into the background of the target we found that he had been hiding a lot more that we thought. We discovered that the client’s partner was the father of 5 children, all from different mothers, that he refused to communicate with.

Hidden Identity
A man came to us after meeting a woman over the internet that he really liked after talking to for several weeks. She kept pushing to meet and often sent him pictures of herself and repeatedly said she was a model. The whole thing seemed too good to be true and had raised the suspicions of the client and led him to contact us and ask to know the truth. We accepted his case and pursued the individual. We found out that she did used to model for a well-known company and was very attractive but had lost her job when she was arrested and sent to prison for 10 years for convictions we cannot name. Obviously the failure of the individual to declare this huge part of her life to the client made him even more suspicious and he ended all communication.

Faithful History
We were approached by a gentleman who was starting to have doubts about his wife’s recent behaviour. The two hadn’t had any fidelity issues in the past but she had lately begun to exhibit strange behaviour that was making him wonder if there was another individual in her life and wanted us to find out for sure. We decided that the best way to find out the truth in this case would be to use surveillance to monitor the target’s interactions with the man her husband suspected her of being unfaithful with. Soon after monitoring began, the target was witnessed becoming intimate with the individual and we were able to present evidence of her infidelity to her husband.

Office Thief
It’s not always just in our family lives that we may need to find out the truth of something as this case shows. A company came to us in need of help in identifying an individual who had been stealing company supplies for some time. Though they had tried various means of trying to catch them out themselves, all attempts had failed and they still had no idea who the culprit was. We were requested to set up covert surveillance in the area which would capture video footage of the thief in action. We did so and soon enough the individual was revealed and suitable action was taken.

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