Fixing Car Dents, Fast and Quick

No matter how careful you are in parking your car, there will be instances where getting a dent is unavoidable. Next thing that comes to your mind is how to do a quick easy fix on it.

There are several ways to get a small dent out without the need to remove the paint as most mechanics would recommend. To avoid a costly repaint job, we give you some ideas that may be used as a do-it-yourself way to fix your car dent.

Fixing Car Dents, Fast and Quick

Quick and Immediate Home Remedies for Car Dents

Who would have thought that what you can possibly use for your car dent is available right in your home? Here are some of the items which can be used as quick fix for a dent:

  1. Hot water

You’ve read it right! Throwing boiling water can help pop the dent back in. Keep dumping boiling water and reach behind the plastic bumper until you are able to put it back in place.

  1. Hair dryer and compressed air

Heating the dent with a hair dryer at its highest temperature will allow the plastic to expand. When this happens, spray compressed air to the dent so the plastic will contract and the dent will pop out.

  1. Dry ice

You may use dry ice as an alternative to an air compressor following the instruction with the hair dryer. After the dent is heated, simply rub dry ice to the surface of the dent many times until it pops.

  1. Hot glue and wooden dowels

This trick requires patience and much care to prevent creating further damage to the dent. Place wooden dowels in several different places across the dent and put hot glue on the bottom. Once the glue dries, pull each dowel carefully until the dent is gone.

  1. Cup plunger

You bet! The cup plunger used for sinks can help get out a small to medium-sized dent. The trick here is to do a push and pull while splashing water on both the plunger and the dent at the same time until it pops out.

Contact a car repair expert for more complicated car problems

Not all of these tricks may work on your car dent. It will all depend on what body panel, hood, or bumper your car is made of. To make sure you don’t cause any damage, a quick consultation with a car repair expert is advisable. Our team is here to offer practical and cost efficient ways to deal with car dents.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.