Fleet Manager To Deploy Trackers

Why use a tracker?
If you are a fleet manager you will know all the problems and tricks that the people using the fleet can encounter. The buck stops with you when it comes to keeping the costs down for petrol, servicing and general maintenance. Many workers feel privileged to have a company vehicle and generally look after the vehicle as if it were their own. However this is not always the way and some people absolutely abuse then. This can be in driving badly so a service will be more expensive or going a long way round so they use more fuel.

Who should be responsible?
A company vehicle is the same as any other company tool but more expensive. If you take care of your tools then your tools should take care of you. This seems to be an old fashioned rule of thumb because now days a brand new van can be trashed within a week and no one seem to care. Using a GPS Tracking device can unlock a few mysteries regarding the misuse of the vehicles and can help to re-educate the vehicle users.

What can a tracker tell us?
The GPS tracker can give us a lot of information. It can tell us if the vehicle is being driven correctly and with a green attitude. It can give speeds travelled, route taken, if and when it went in for a service and where the driver stopped for petrol and for how long for. This information can tell us if the driver was driving well, if the service was taken on time, if the correct routes were taken, if the vehicle was being abused out of hours and if the driver was working the correct hours. By telling us which petrol station the driver stopped at can give us an indication of how much extra he paid for fuel. Because all the times and addresses are logged it can tell us if bad parking habits are costing a lot of money in tickets or not.

Surely it is a perk of the job?
A lot of people see work vans as a perk of the job and that there is nothing wrong with going on a long journey to move someone in over the weekend. Using company fuel and abusing the van by knocking it and scratching it with furniture and objects that have no business in a company van. Most people are dumbfounded when they are asked to pay the fuel bill and some of the wear and tear. At the end of the day a work vehicle is just that a vehicle for work. Without it you would be unable to carry out your job. You are not asked to pay for it and you can pretty much do what you want with it but it is worth remembering that even if it is a perk it should be appreciated.

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