Footballers with their Own Fashion Brand

Sport and fashion have been increasingly linked over the past few years and the world of football is no exception to the growth of fashion in sport. Football and fashion go hand in hand and this is nothing new. Since the playing days of Kevin Keegan and George Best, society has always looked at footballers to inspire the latest fashion trends. We even see footballers like Hector Bellerin regularly attending the famous fashion weeks around Europe. Footballers are now increasingly bringing out their own lines and brands which are being regularly worn people on the streets. Here is a list of footballers with their own fashion lines.

First on this list is David Beckham. There is probably no footballer more synonymous with fashion than Beckham. Voted the sexiest man in 2015 by Peoples Magazine, Beckham owns the British heritage menswear brand Kent & Curwen. The brand sells an array of sweatshirts, rugby-style shirts and trousers for men, with a price range that you might find at a high-end shop on the high street. He also released a Peaky-Blinders inspired collection which was very popular.

Rio Ferdinand is another football who has decided to launch his own clothing brand. Ferdinand is really into hats, primarily oversized trucker hats. Because of his love of hats, he launched his Brand “five supply”. Primarily focussing on hats, Five Supply has expanded selling joggers and t-shirts. One reason why Rio decided to launch his own brand is through the advice of Chris Nathaniel, football agent for NVA Entertainment. Chris Nathaniel explained, “We’re taking talent and making that talent multi-faceted. Rio is so open to doing lots of different things.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players ever to play professional football and is currently seen by many as the best in the world. The Real Madrid superstar has been a global icon for a number of years now, not just for what he does on the pitch either. He’s always been looking for ways to build the Cristiano Ronaldo brand and his CR7 fashion label has been a huge success. The CR7 label has you covered whether you are looking for shirts, underwear, denim and even clothes for juniors too. It’s a fashion label that is likely to only keep getting bigger too.

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