Formula 1 – Lewis Hamiltons First Day At Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton’s controversial move to Mercedes made headlines towards the end of the F1 season. Fans and the media alike questioned his motives.

Some claimed the deal was to do with money. Hamilton’s camp naturally denied this and claimed that the move would better his career prospects, with the British driver wanting a new challenge. It came as a surprise to many. Hamilton joined McLaren as a 13 year old. He went on to become the youngest ever World Champion in 2008.

Hamilton signed for his new team whilst last season was still in progress. The move did not affect his performances or team morale as much as people expected. He raced well considering the circumstances fourth in the final standings.

First day at the office
He recently made his first official appearance for Mercedes, making his way to Stuttgart in Germany. He was also a guest at the prestigious AMG factory in Affalterbach, met by Ola Källenius Head of AMG. Later he made his way to visit the Mercedes-Benz museum in the middle of the City.

Noticeable lack of trophies
He went on record recently to state his intentions for the year ahead. It is his desire to make Mercedes the most successful racing team of this generation. He wants more trophies for Mercedes. One noticeable area for Hamilton was the lack of them within the cabinet. His desire is to build a cabinet that would “fill the whole hallway”. This is perhaps the challenge that Lewis Hamilton was talking about. He may have felt a bit too comfortable at McLaren and felt that his desire to succeed was lacking. He stated in a recent interview that he wanted to try new things and is not afraid of doing so.

Many believe that considering the power, financial status and name of Mercedes, they are underachieving in the world of Motorsport. They re-entered the competition back in 2010. In order to move forward, they are bringing in the likes of Hamilton to help the company move forward.

New company structure
Lewis Hamilton believes that he can win another World Championship with the right car. He has stated that he can go on for another 10 years. Not everything will be plain sailing however. Hamilton understands the difficult tasks ahead with an especially difficult start with his new team.

Ever since his title win in 2008, Hamilton has struggled to build on his success. He blamed some “dodgy” cars at McLaren but said he will take that experience with him in a positive manner.

Mercedes’ new driver has been given support by the man he replaced, Michael Schumacher. The F1 legend said that Hamilton can be successful in the near future with Mercedes. This goes against most experts’ predictions. Schumacher has seen new changes and plans for the future within the Mercedes camp. The new infrastructure will help design a powerful vehicle good enough for Hamilton to succeed with.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes will certainly make the new F1 season more interesting.

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