Four Excuses To Avoid The Gym Today

If you have been thinking long and hard about improving your health and fitness levels recently – and there are many of us who have – you may well have taken the plunge and joined your local gym. This is obviously a sensible option, because there will be plenty of machines and contraptions there which can help you shed those unwanted pounds.

When you feel energised enough to pay a visit to the establishment you should make the most of the desire and head there straight away, because there will undoubtedly be occasions when you won’t want to make the effort, and in truth you will look for any excuse to avoid the place altogether. If this is how you feel today, here are four excuses that you can use to stay away.

Poor weather conditions
OK, so the gym is indoors and you won’t get wet while you’re in there, of course, but what about the walk from the car to the front door? You could fall over on the slippery pavements on a day like this, or perhaps you could get sunburned before you find the sanctuary of the foyer, or maybe the snow has made the drive itself an impossible test of endurance. Any one of these excuses will do, simply pick whichever is the most appropriate.

Risk of muscle strain injury
This one only works if you have been to the gym in the previous few days. You simply tell anyone who is prepared to listen that you would have gone, but you worked too hard before and now you’re concerned that the slightest bit of exercise will result in a muscle strain injury that could take several days, or even weeks, to heal itself. It’s your own fault for being far too diligent and hard-working last time around. Your personal trainer said this might happen.

The car won’t start
Even if you live only a short walk from the gym, you can use this excuse and say you needed the car because you didn’t want to damage your finely honed muscles on a harsh concrete sidewalk. Obviously, this isn’t a good excuse if you’re speaking to someone who knows about cars, because they might feel the need to begin tinkering with the engine, and of course to start asking technical questions which you’ll have to lie about.

The class has been cancelled
There was no class, of course, but you could tell everyone that you were all geared up for a spinning or aerobics session when the instructor called to say they had the flu. Although you could choose to go for a general workout instead, you had planned to only work on the core muscles that were needed for the class, and now this isn’t an option you’re concerned about doing damage to the rest of your unsuspecting body. Perfect.

David Showell, who works for a Las Vegas car hire website, has been avoiding the gym for too long now.

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