Four T-shirt Designs Based On Internet Culture

Wearing a t-shirt that has eye-catching graphics is one way to get yourself noticed. In fact, donning a colourful and cleverly designed t-shirt denotes a certain ‘coolness’ within an individual and can go a long way to reflecting a person’s personality.

The word meme is short for mimeme, which actually means “to imitate”, a term that was coined by the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in the book ‘The Selfish Gene’. Dawkins produced the book in the late 1970s and included examples of memes being in catch-phrases, arches, fashion and melodies. Certain t-shirt memes go in and out of fashion and help to convey a cultural idea, symbol or practice of a particular era.

If you are a fan of meme t-shirts then you will be interested in five of the most iconic t-shirts based on memes:

Three Wolf Moon
The title of this t-shirt certainly sounds a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and so does its ambiguous meme. This rather ambivalent t-shirt transfer, which depicts three wolves howling together towards a moon, ironically became one of Amazon’s top-selling items of clothing in 2009. The Wolf Moon t-shirt was designed by Antonia Neschev, a Bulgarian artist, and is produced by a meme design company which is based in New Hampshire. This iconic t-shirt sparked many customer reviews to be written on Amazon and single-handedly led to a new phenomenon being born known as “customer review comedy”.

Stellatation t-shirt
This bold computer graphic-inspired Stellation t-shirt quickly became a best-selling t-shirt when it was launched on the internet. This great looking and playful t-shirt  takes one of the stellations of the icosahedron and extends some of these intersecting points away from the centre, resulting in wearers of the Stellation t-shirt certainly receiving another glance by most onlookers.

Destroy them with lazers
This fluorescent yellow t-shirt will certainly mean that you stand out in a crowd. Depicting the slightly satirical words, ‘Destroy them with lazers’, finding people staring at your chest is probably an occupational hazard when you wear this iconic  t-shirt.

They’re not artists because nobody can play the guitar
Having the words’ “They’re not artists because nobody can play the guitar” written across your chest will certainly gain a few looks! If you are a guitar fan then this t-shirt  should definitely be the t-shirt for you, and given that there are literally thousands of young fashionistas who simply love playing the guitar, it is hardly surprising that this iconic t-shirt transfer rapidly became a best seller when it initially burst onto the scene.

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