Four Things To Do With An Old IPod

If you received a new Apple device over the Christmas period, or maybe one of the many other phone, mp3 or tablet gadgets out there you may wonder what to do with your device.

You may ask yourself whether it is best to sell your iPod, give it away, or just throw it away. This blog looks at some ideas of what to do with your iPod.

Selling your iPod

If you do opt to sell your iPod, there are an abundance of websites available that will provide you with the opportunity to send in the gadget for money. Of course if you go down this route you want to make sure that you pick a reputable website as there are many out there offering the service.

An alternative to sending your mp3 player to one of these sites is to sell it on an online auction site. This could be hit and miss as many other people may also be selling the product, especially so soon after Christmas, so you have to plan carefully as you may find yourself ending up with a measly sum for your iPod once you take off delivery, listing fees, and such forth.

Use It Elsewhere

If you think that you can still get some life out of the old dog yet, and decide not to sell your iPod, there are certainly other options available to you in regards to your Apple device. One is to use it in your car as an alternative to listening to the radio. Alternatively, if you have plenty of social gatherings you could use it to provide background music. Plugging it into a dock or speaker will certainly provide enough musical accompaniments to your merriment.

Get Inventive

If you are good at following guides, there are a number of videos online that show you how to make all sorts of practical uses out of your iPod, from a cigarette case to a remote control for your TV.

Of course these guides are not guaranteed to provide results, and ultimately it will be on your head if you decide to play with the iPod and end up breaking it. But, if you feel that you no longer need the device, then as long as you keep safe, it is really your decision.

Give It Away

If you’ve fully synced and backed up your music files to put on your shiny new device, there are certainly plenty of places out there that would take your old one off you if you opt to give it away. Ask your friends and family, or check if a charity nearby is willing to take it off your hands – someone will yes for sure!

What you do with your old Apple product is ultimately up to you, if you are a sentimental type you may decide to keep the gadget and use it in another room or for your car, but if you want a bit of money for it, and decide to sell your iPod there are many options available out there.

Louisa Jenkins is a tech expert who offers people advice on what to with with their gadgets, giving them viable alternatives aside from the typical sell your iPod. Instead she likes to recommend other methods of using old electronic items.

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