Four Types Of Nursing Jobs You Can Do With A BSN Degree

When young men and women are able to procure a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), they will be giving themselves opportunities to climb the clinical ladder. If they want to truly move to the top of the field of medicine, then obtaining one of these degrees is the best possible thing they can do for themselves. In the aftermath, they can decide if they would also like to work toward a Master’s degree. Whatever they ultimately decide, a BSN will allow them to choose a job that fits their personality. Here are four possible options.

Surgical Nurses
Professionals who have finally obtained their BSN degrees will have crucial roles to play when it comes to surgery. In fact, the best nurses will be able to work on the primary trauma units of the regional hospital. These nurses, along with the attending surgeons, are responsible for making lightning-quick decisions that may end up saving lives. In more routine settings, nurses might also work in the operation room with patients who have been previously scheduled to have surgery. Setting bones, removing gall bladders, and assisting with oncological operations will all be important tasks.

Geriatric Nurses
As a totally different kind of career, some nurses might want to direct their talents toward geriatric homes. In nearly all cases, they will be working in a situation that is far less stressful. In some instances, they will be relegated to providing palliative care for men and women who are approaching the ends of their natural lives. Because nurses usually are responsible for one particular wing of a nursing home, they will have time to bond with many of the residents. In fact, many of the individuals reside in these facilities for years. The family atmosphere allows for the work itself to be quite rewarding.

Forensic Nurses
Though often associated with television crime dramas, forensic nursing careers provide people with all the excitement they could ever want. In cases where victims have been grievously injured, nurses will be charged with returning them to health. They might also assist lab technicians with toxicology results. If the victims will eventually need to be witnesses at a high-profile trial, nurses might also be faced with a fair amount of legal work. They might have to answer questions from lawyers on either side of the case. The main task, however, will be to ensure that the patients at the hospital receive the care that they need going forward.

Public Outreach
Apart from their official nursing duties, some people might want to use their new BSN degrees in a completely different capacity. For example, they can join a public outreach team in order to make the wider populace aware of certain health issues. During a particularly bad flu outbreak, nurses can travel to schools and workplaces in the region to urge students and workers to get their flu shots. In fact, this is a very real public health issue. When the majority of men and women submit themselves to a flu shot each year, pandemics and epidemics will be much less likely to arise. BSN degrees will allow nurses to talk about the mechanisms by which the flu virus invades the body. Most people who are aware of the nasty symptoms of influenza will surely do everything they can to protect themselves.

In the end, BSN degrees will give nurses the tools they need to establish themselves in a wide array of careers. When they are skilled and knowledgeable, they will be more employable. As they continue to move up the career ladder, they will be thankful for their educational choices.

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