Free Browser Based Role Playing Games

There are a lot of good RPG’s out in the market today but sadly they cost a lot of money. The good news is that there are free browser based RPG that’s also as good as the paid versions. People love playing RPG’s because they get to imagine themselves as the main heroes in the game. Here are some free games which you can play straight in your browser.

Lethal RPG Destiny Rebirth

Lethal RPG is one of the well-known RPG series for browsers. This is another fighting game that lets you buys spells items and more. The story begins with the human race enslaved by a dictator called Lethal Jagged Spine. The humans rebelled and were successful in killing Lethal. This would have been the end of the story however even in death Lethal planned to return to his kingdom and succeeded. This time no mortal can stop him. It is your task to save the human race and stop Lethal.

Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing is unlike any other RPG game you have played. What sets it apart is its comical graphics that uses stick figures as characters. You get to choose which among the six different character classes to control which include Disco Bandit, Sauceror, The Accordion Thief, Turtle Tamer, Pastamancer and The Seal Clubber. You will get to visit several places in the kingdom. Beware of danger since enemies are also aplenty.


If there’s one flash based RPG that you should check out then it’s got to be Stickrpg. This game is a cult classic with lots of fans worldwide playing it.Your task is to survive the game by making important decisions. Will you side with the law or become a criminal? The choices are plenty.

Super Adventure Pals

Super Adventure Pals will definitely be a kid’s favorite action RPG game with its cartoony graphics. In this game you get to travel the land fighting various monsters. Your ultimate goal is to track the evil Mr. B and kill him. The control scheme is quite simple, you just use the directional keys as well as w,a,s,d.


For countless years the Rivalds Empire ruled over an entire continent in peace and harmony. The empire didn’t last though since it is now being controlled by necromancers. It’s time for you to take over the empire by defeating your enemies. You get to choose one of three nations as you begin your quest in this well-loved game.

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