Frenuloplasty: Who Needs To Be Operated On?

Frenuloplasty is the release of the frenulum, a tissue which checks the motion of the attached part. Often a surgical procedure is bound to be performed when the frenulum is too restricting. Other circumstances might force the doctors to take some harsh calls but this is what the recommended situation is. It is often performed during the infant stage itself to prevent any problem in the adult stage; which might prove to be detrimental to the patient’s health later on. This ensures that major illnesses are avoided during adulthood. The various surgery packages involve step-by-step processes and the procedure, once completed elongates the frenulum.

Frenuloplasty: Who Needs To Be Operated On?

The two most common forms of frenuloplasty are:

  • Penile Frenuloplasty

If an uncircumcised man has a problem with his frenulum such that it is very tightly attached to the underface of glans of the penis, movement of skin is prohibited and causes painful erections and even scars in some cases. This not only affects the sexual performance but largely negatively affects the overall health of the individual as well. Prolonged bleeding and infection can take place in some rare cases. The infection, if not treated in time, can move to other body parts as well causing further damage. The precise cause of this condition is unidentified and is a naturally occurring event, which is why dealing with it in a timely fashion is imperative.

Circumcision helps to release such a condition for treating the frenulum breve, however; it can also lead to an abnormally sensitive frenulum. It usually takes about 4 weeks of healing, only after which the patient can resume sexual activity. The surgery is usually available throughout India; however, the Frenuloplasty surgery in Hyderabad is a good option as the city is home to some of the best surgeons. Patients across the country are turning their attention towards this city. The standard of health services accessible in Hyderabad is second to none in terms of medical knowledge, staff experience and infrastructure.

  • Oral Frenuloplasty

If the labial or lingual frenum larger than required or if the attachment points are extended too far, individuals tend to suffer significant cosmetic and function deficits. An overly prominent labial frenum results in diastema or even a large gap between the front teeth. This not only induces physical issues but many psychological issues, as the gaps lead to a shoddy appearance overall and affect the overall confidence of the individual. These gaps cannot effectively be eliminated via other treatments and if closed mechanically, it will relapse and open again with time. Oral frenuloplasty is hence, the best possible treatment for such individuals as recommended by experienced doctors throughout the country. Frenuloplasty treatment in Hyderabad much like any other surgery requires an appropriate amount of anaesthesia and the surgery comes along with several risks; which is a common denominator in most surgical cases.

It is advisable that you must consult a physician before opting for a particular solution, as in some cases, surgery is not the only solution. The surgery facilitates the normal retraction of the foreskin. However, there can be other means to remedy the situation, both in the short term and the long term as well. Do your research judiciously!