From Perimeter Protection To Souvenir Rock

Perimeter fencing is essential at a number of locations for loss protection, security, asset protection and for a range of safety issues. The most significant problem when finding the right solution to effectively protect a site is that no two sites are the same. In fact the range of variable factors that can affect the type, location and material suitable for effective perimeter fencing is almost endless. Who knew, after all, that something as simple as rising political disillusionment could transform the Berlin Wall from an effective ideological and physical barrier into a pile of souvenir rocks?

Variable factors
It’s not only location that can affect the type of perimeter fencing that is suitable for a specific site. As the Berlin Wall goes to show, sometimes if you can see it, you can plan a way round, over, under or through it. Perimeter protection can be more suitable if potential intruders or would-be escapologists cannot see it. Buried systems can provide an effective perimeter solution in many situations, either as a primary or secondary alert system. Combined with traditional barrier fencing, buried systems offer an early warning system that allows time to prevent access to a site.

Invisible Barriers
Where less heavy groundwork and faster installation for this type of ‘fenceless’ fencing is required, modern line of sight applications are most suitable; these are often the most cost effective solution for many organisations, offering a back-up to secure physical walls and fences and, like buried systems, offer an early warning function to create additional security. Generally this type of system is based on infra-red or microwave technology and can be particular suitable in buildings where construction of physical barriers is impossible or inappropriate (historic properties or buildings located in areas with restrictive planning regulations).

Experienced operators
Finding a contractor to supply a range of solutions to solve any issues will help to create the right perimeter protection for any given site. Key experience should include fencing and perimeter protection for a number of different types of property, location and climate types. An experienced company will be able to offer practical solutions to any given set of factors to ensure that your perimeter is adequately, securely and permanently protected. When choosing a firm to work with you should consider their past projects, level and length of experience and, where possible, seek testimonials as to the quality of the work that they can undertake.

Helen Dove shares her interest in the importance of Perimeter protection

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