Fun Seating Ideas For Your Event

Event planners now realize the importance of delving away from the traditional classroom or theater type of seating arrangement. A comfortable and enjoyable environment that nurtures creativity and community must be created to capture the audience. You might want to consider these fun seating ideas for your next event.

Stability Balls

Those who want to promote mental and physical wellness during the event are encouraged to use stability balls. These seats relieve stress and improve posture. You might want to insert a revitalizing yoga session during break or before the event starts.

Beanbag Chairs

Fun Seating Ideas For Your Event

The use of beanbag chairs has come a long way ever since it was introduced in the 70’s. It’s not just a novelty fad anymore. It is now used by event planners to achieve a cozy and relaxing environment for sessions. It can be used together with the classic sofas, ottomans, and swivel lounge chairs for an intimate setting. This allows attendees to interact with each other whether in a casual or elegant set-up.

Cardboard Seating

Seats made out of cardboard are great for exhibits or trade shows. It is quick and mobile, allowing you to transfer your seats hassle-free. Some even use wooden pallets because of their sturdiness. This type of seat is cheap, which makes it ideal to be used for events that expect to accommodate a high number of attendees.

LED Cubes

Illuminated seats such as LED chairs, sofas, tables, or high-tops are great in energizing the event and engaging the attendees. This also helps save space.

Combine them with other LED pieces or a classic leather lounge seat for an elegant look. You don’t need to worry about the seats getting too hot because of the nature of their design. They can also display different colors.

Round Table Seating with a Twist

Think tank meetings need round table seating arrangements to encourage collaboration and creativity. Event planners found a way to make things interesting by using hanging furniture such as swing tables and chairs. This way the attendees will feel as if they are in a playground.

Function and Comfort Are Always Top Priorities

There are several ways to make the seats in an event more interesting. However, don’t focus too much on how pleasing it looks to the eye. Make sure that the seats you choose will help achieve the objectives of the event. Consult a professional event planner to check if you made the right choice.

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.