Fun Things To Do At Home That Will Cost You Nothing

Are you bored and wondering what you can do with your family at home for free? Playing board games? Making homemade crafts? Drawing? There are so many things that you can do without having to spend a dime out of your pocket. Some are things that involve the whole family or just for you to do by yourself. There are so many things that you can do to keep yourself busy on a rainy day or a hot summer day. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do for fun without having to spend money.

  • Host an old movie night at your house where you can invite neighbo
    rs, family, and friends come and join you. Make snacks with food that you already have in your home.
  • Play interactive games online. There are so many games you can play online for free. There are TV games like Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? And Family Feud. You can even check out the hundreds of Facebook games that allow you to be interactive with your Facebook friends while keeping you entertained for hours.
  • Bake by yourself or with your small children or grandchildren. Go online or use any old cookbooks that you may have laying around. Make a cake, homemade bread, cupcakes, or cookies using the ingredients that you have on hand.
  • Have a sleepover with your grandchildren. It is nice to gather all the grandchildren and just spend quality time together reminiscing about the old days, looking at old pictures, watching movies, or just being silly with each other.
  • Clean out your DVD and music CD collection. Today, with all the technology that is around us, we tend to forget about all our old CDs laying around the house. Take some time to enjoy your old faves and do some dancing. Your old DVDs can be great for sparking old memories and reminiscing.
  • Organize photos that you just have lying around. You can make a collage of photos or fill the albums that are half empty. Get the kids involved and make it a fun project. Spend time remembering people from the past. Tell stories about the events captured in the photos.
  • Practice or try yoga. If you have been wanting to start exercising, this is a good way of doing so. All you need is a little bit of floor space, a blanket and a yoga video. You can download or watch yoga videos online for free. Check out YouTube for some great yoga and other exercise videos.
  • Book clubs are always fun for avid readers. Gather some of the neighbors, friends, and family and start a book club. The only requirement would be your love for reading.
  • Write a letter or call a long lost friend or family member that you do not speak to often. This is a good way to open up old connections, whether they are distant family, business associates or just long lost friends. Many of your old friends and distant relatives can be found on Facebook.
  • Find an interesting hobby. Quilting can be fun if you like crafts. You can create quilting projects for free, simply by using old objects around your home. Pull out some of those old duvets and add new colors to them. You can also stitch characters and family photos into them, turning your old comforters into family heirlooms.

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