Fun Winter Activities For Children

Many parents spend time telling their children to go outside and be active, but can you really blame them for wanting to stay indoors during the cold winter days? Depending on where you live, there are various options children can do to have fun int he winter. Here are a few suggestions for activities that you can do with your children to drive away those indoor winter blues.

Use Your Hands
Many hands may make work easier, but they can also make it a lot more fun. Having your children join in on routine activities like making dinner is a sure way to transform the mundane into the fun for both you and your kids. While cooking may not be for everyone, there are plenty of craft ideas that can also be turned into family fun projects in the home. From scrapbooking to redecorating a room in the house, including children in creative activities is a great way to expand their imaginations while doing fun things together.

Use Your Minds
Playing board games and reading stories out loud is proven to help keep brain activity vibrant and fluid, but some children may be opposed to these activities if they are suddenly introduced without precedence. Instead, try incorporating the activities your children are already interested in with projects that you may also have an interest in studying. Building a free website or a family social-network page can be an excellent way to develop new media skills while teaching collaboration and technological user skills. Even low-tech options like model building or furniture construction can offer opportunities to improve mental dexterity and provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Use Your Imagination
Winter can be a difficult time to pursue favorite outdoor activities, but it is also a time to explore activities that are only seasonally popular. Sledding and snowshoeing are great winter pastimes in some parts of the country. Visiting the local bowling alley or roller-skating rink may be another great way to stay warm and active. The winter can be a great time to visit museums and galleries before they change their displays in the spring.

The key to finding fun winter activities for your kids is to expand your ideas by including them in the planning and selection of the family’s activities. Making fun memories with your children isn’t always easy, so seize the chance while you have it.

Ken was born and raised in Texas.  He often writes articles on how to create more active children. He has three kids of his own which he often takes to a children’s gymnastics center in Houston.

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