Gain Your Prince 2 Practitioner Qualification

Anybody looking for work in project management, and especially any UK Government projects, should be aware of PRINCE2 (or Projects in Controlled Environments 2). PRINCE2 is a methodology devised by the UK Government Agency which is used as the standard for all its public projects, and it is comprised of the organisation, management and control of projects. This methodology is also incorporated into a training course and qualification that you can earn to become a practitioner, and therefore anybody looking to get involved with project management should take a look into getting a PRINCE2 qualification. It will look great on your CV and help you to land project management jobs.

In order to become a practitioner you will need two qualifications, and the first of these is the PRINCE2 Foundation course. In the PRINCE2 Foundation course you will learn the basics and the terminology. This can either be taken as a computer based training course, or alternatively a three day tutor led classroom course. The Foundation exam is a one hour exam with 75 multiple choice questions to answer and the applicant will need to answer at least 38 questions correctly to pass.

Once the Foundation course is done you can take the Prince 2 Practitioner course, which is the highest level you can take and will allow you to obtain a Practitioner Certification. In this course you will be applying all of the theory that you learnt in the Foundation course into practice, and the examination will involve 9 scenario based questions. It lasts two and a half hours and requires a 50% success rate to pass the examination.

It is certainly a brilliant qualification to have on your CV and will look great to employers. Those looking to take part in project management for the UK Government should definitely get their qualification as it is a UK Government devised methodology, so it is clearly needed to understand how project management would work in any UK Government projects. It is therefore one of the best courses that you can take in terms of landing a job in project management, so take a look today and take the first step towards getting your own PRINCE 2 qualification.

It should not take too long to complete the two separate parts of the training and is certainly worthwhile to anyone looking to get ahead of the competition in the project management sector!

Once the Foundation course is done you can take the Prince 2 Practitioner course, which is the highest level you can take.

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