Gardening In The Winter Months

Now that growing, owning, and using marijuana for medical purposes is legal in so many areas around the country, many people want to know how to grow their own supply all year long. For people who live in sunny, warm climates, there is no problem keeping a good crop growing all year. But, for those who live in parts of the country where there are four distinct seasons, growing in late fall, winter, and early spring is challenging.

Growing in the Colder Seasons
There are many communities in northern states like Michigan, Maine, and Vermont where marijuana laws have changed and because of this, people want to grow their own so they can manage chronic pain and other medical problems. Our grow lights for indoor plants make it much easier to maintain an organic crop all year in the colder climates in the North.

Create an Ideal, Controlled Environment
Marijuana grows best in controlled environments and, when the weather is difficult to control, you can easily manage your environment with a grow tent and a grow light system. We have different options for all budgets. Our tents range in price from under $100 to over $500 and they come in a variety of different sizes, too.

Options for a Variety of Budgets
We also have a variety of grow lights in different price ranges and styles. If you are looking for less expensive light, our LED options help your plants grow. These give you the choice of colors, when you are not only looking for a great grow light system, but a cool ambiance, too. We also offer more traditional fluorescent light fixtures and replacement bulbs.

When you are ready to commit to growing the best marijuana during the cold time of the year, it is worth it to purchase an entire grow light kit. These kits come with a grow light at a variety of watts, as well as ballast and a reflector to create just the right amount of heat to keep your plants growing all winter long.

Invest in a Timer and Air Purifier
While growing your own plants in the middle of the cold winter months, you should not keep your grow lights burning all day, every day. It is best to give your plants a little bit of darkness like they would experience outside. Buying a timer is a great way to easily manage your grow lights. When you invest in a timer, you do not have to worry about remembering to turn the lights on or off each day.

One other product to consider adding to your winter indoor garden is an air purifier. Plants feed on sunlight, air, and water and indoor air is not always the best quality, especially during the winter months when homes are closed up and sealed tightly. An air purifier will help ensure that your medical marijuana has been grown under the best conditions that you could create.

Deciding to grow your own marijuana plants in the winter months only takes a one-time investment. Once you have purchased the necessary grow lights and a grow tent, you will only need to purchase an occasional replacement part light, a new light or a small accessory.

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