Get On Board The Dating Band Wagon

The online dating scene has literally exploded over the last five years. More and more people seem to be ditching local bars and heading to chat rooms to find Mr or Mrs Right. Recent statistics show that one in five relationships now start online, which is a staggering figure. More recently there has been an increase in niche dating sites catering for things like Asian dating, gay dating, and people looking for wealthy dates… the list is endless.

Business-savvy people are now cottoning on to the fact that there is a huge amount of money to be made with online dating and are setting up their own dating networks. Some people have set up sites that cast their net far and wide and some have gone down the niche route of targeting people who like something a little different from the norm. The amount of websites starting up that cater to the niche sectors is increasing all the time and this is probably because people have realised that the internet allows them to be particularly choosy.

In this day and age where we live our lives at 100 miles an hour and barely have time to eat our dinner, we don’t want to spend our time sifting through countless dating profiles of people we have nothing in common with. This is why people are now more specific about what they want from a partner because time is valuable and life is short.

These new dating networks of specific likeminded people take shape in various forms and have various options. Some sites request that you can only upload your profile with no picture and also fill in a lengthy personality test, while other are more relaxed and will let you upload a profile, picture and will even let you instant message each other.

As people seem to talk quite openly on dating sites and, if anything, vet each other before meeting it seems far more likely a person using the site will find a match with a likeminded person. Many people using dating sites say they have found it a very refreshing way to meet people, as most men and women fear rejection and just won’t make that leap of walking up to a stranger in a bar. Online dating removes that element of fear as everyone there is in the same situation, wanting to meet new people to take that important leap.

This article was written by Graham Hogan who met his wife online and writes about online dating scene developments and the dating network.

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