Get That Gift Wrapped

If you’re not sure what to get the lady in your life here are a few tips before you get it horribly wrong and mess up her entire birthday/Christmas/anniversary/Tuesday.

It’s very likely she has dropped a number of hints ranging from the subtly subtle to the outright outrageous. She may have started off talking about what her best friends boyfriend got her for her birthday and how amazing it was and then the next week you may have logged onto your laptop to find the internet browser up and open on a particular page and then the following week her mother will have called you and casually asked if you needed any advice or did you already know what you were going to be giving her? And you probably said yes you knew, with utter confidence, because you had heard down the pub that someone was selling knock off designer handbags out of their boot and that girls were ‘goin wild for em’.

What is already on her dressing table? What does she always wear? Look for clues that you could take to a department store and see if you could find anything similar. For example if her favourite perfume is running low you could see if they were bringing out a later version she might like just as much? If she’s always coming home laden down with bags from only one shop then you know which shop to head for. Take note if she wears gold or silver jewellery and if she likes plain, classic things or goes for the diamante and gem encrusted jewels. Before you go merrily off to the shops have a look through her wardrobe and take note of hip measurements, bust size, leg length, shoe size and any colour and style preferences.

Don’t be afraid to ask the sales assistants for help if you’re in a pickle, they’re there because they know their stuff and want to help you out so go for someone who is around the same age as your wife or girlfriend or looks like they have the same style or build so they’ll automatically have a good idea of what she would want herself. There’s no point asking a seventeen year old in bubble gum pink what she thinks your sixty year old wife would like for her birthday and being pointed in the direction of the miniskirts or worse, the cardigan section. Give her mum, sister or best friend a call if you’re torn between a few items as they may be able to pull you back from the edge.

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