Get Your Night Time Look Spot On

Us Brits can get it so right with our daytime look, seamlessly throwing together skinny jeans, boho hats and pussy bow blouses like we just stepped off the runway. We have our daytime wardrobe sorted quite frankly. It’s the night time wardrobe which sometimes gets a little off the mark. It’s all well and good when we can stay covered up to our ears but once the disco balls come down and the lights are off it’s time to show some skin and I’m afraid this is where we’re likely to crumble. We throw flesh and glitter at the problem hoping that will get us through, but alas, we can still end up looking like glittery turkeys wobbling round the dance floor in heels we can’t walk in.

The general rule is; either show legs or cleavage and never both. It’s a good rule to stick to that will see you through life without too many mishaps. You can incorporate this rule into your outfit however you like but generally it means if you’re going to wear a mini skirt do not also wear a top with a plunging neckline or you could potentially look like beef in a butchers window.

If you’re going to go for heels it’s a good idea to test them out around the shop first. Anything that looks like it could snap in a heartbeat should be put back on the shelf as should anything that feels like walking on hot coals after just a few steps and you want to avoid the bambi on ice look so make sure you are absolutely certain you can walk in them let alone dance for five hours.

Try to keep glitter, sequins and embellishment to a minimum and limit them either to your top or bottom half. Dark colours tend to work best at night because it gives your outfit more of a chic feel but if you want to add a pop of colour go for brightly coloured shoes or accessories. If you go for a brightly coloured outfit pare back on the accessories and keep your make up neutral to avoid the clown look, you want your outfit to stand out so don’t distract from it with too much else going on.

It might sound boring but if it’s cold-wear a jacket! We know after all that hard work you don’t want to cover it up with a coat but no one wants to look like a shivering chicken when they get out of the club and you’ll thank us later when it starts to rain and your freshly blow-dried hair begins to wilt.

Claire Bowden is a fashion designer and writes on behalf of

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