Getting Crafty: Gifts For Hobbyists And Crafters

Buying gifts for crafters can be tricky. Each crafter has her own favorite supply store and basic supplies, so trying to buy those for her can be hit or miss. But you can still show your appreciation for that cute sweater she knitted for you last Christmas or that amazing scrapbook she assembled for your birthday. These gifts will help the crafter on your list enjoy her hobby even more – or even turn it into a career. Best of all, many of these gifts are affordable, which will give your overstressed gift budget a break.

X-Acto Knife Set
The scrapbooking enthusiast on your list will thank you enthusiastically when she opens this set of X-Acto knife blades. These versatile blades cut through paper, cloth, wood, film, everything, and the handles are very easy for your crafter to maneuver.  The basic set comes with three knife handles and an assortment of ten blades, and will set you back a very reasonable $25 US. The case is attractive enough to serve as its own gift box – just attach a pretty ribbon and card and watch your crafter friend’s face break into a smile.

Serious Scissors
Serious seamstresses will appreciate a gift of a first class pair of scissors. Scout out a pair of pinking shears to allow your seamstress friend to create a decorative edge for her projects, or to use on delicate fabric to prevent it from fraying. Add a pair of scissors that can cut through multiple layers, which can save significant time and effort when your friend cuts cloth for a pattern. Your friend will thank you every time she cuts cloth for a pattern. She may even be grateful enough to stitch something especially for you.

Craft Tool Organizers
Knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, scissors, knives – a crafter’s tools and supplies can often wind up in a tangled mess that makes it difficult for her to actually create anything. A craft tool organizer keeps your friend’s paraphernalia neatly organized and accessible and makes a gift she will really appreciate. Look for an organizer that is attractive enough for your crafter friend to display in her workspace

Craft Bag
A craft bag allows your friend to take along essential crafting supplies to knitting circles and crafting classes. A craft bag also allows your friend to tote her crafting supplies along on vacation or to stores or galleries where she displays her work, Look for a bag with pockets and sections inside to keep her tools and materials organized and accessible, and a classic design that she’ll be proud to carry.

Crafting Books
For beginning crafters, how-to books provide instruction and encouragement. If your friend is an advanced crafter, perhaps she is considering taking her hobby to the next level and turning it into a profession. Whatever her level of involvement, titles such as Craft, Inc. Revised Edition: The Ultimate Guide To Turning Your Creative Hobby into a Successful Business by Meg Mateo Ilacso or Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris will be welcome gifts for your crafting friend that are easy on your budget.

Jack Harding is a writer who has previously worked in the hobby and gift-ware industry. Today he enjoys putting his experience to good use and sharing his gift ideas online. Find more gift ideas at

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