Getting On The Next SEO Level In 2013

SEO has always been a complicated process. Search engines are wasting no time making it even more complex with the numerous algorithm updates. With that being said, doing link building following old strategies is unnecessary and pointless. This can not only cause you to spend a lot of time without achieving results but could actually harm your website. We need to be cleverer when link building in 2013 and we should do it the proper way.

Following is an example of a strategy that a lot of people seem to still use and it’s less than effective now.

Article Submissions
Article directories have been around forever. I am sure they were meant to be helpful in the beginning but now they are just popping up everywhere. Most of them are made for the sole purpose of getting SEOs to submit their articles and not to provide any valuable information at all. On the other hand, most of the times SEOs submit low quality articles with no value and no meaningful information just so they can get backlinks. This was a way for most people to get a lot of links that actually had any value but nowadays they are just useless.

I think it’s safe to say that in 2013 we should get rid of the articles submission for good. After all, SEO is not all about rankings. It’s about providing people with useful information.

So if article submission was such a huge part of SEO for some people how come we can get rid of it so easily? By replacing it with another strategy.

Guest blogging
Yes, guest blogging has been around for quite some time too but many people ignore it mainly because it could be really time consuming. However it is very rewarding.

Getting links from reputable blogs would not only help you increase rankings but will give you exposure to real readers. That means you will get value for the search engines but you will get actual visitors. The important thing to remember when guest blogging is to interact with readers. Check regularly for comments and try to reply to all of them if possible.

Although time consuming, guest blogging is times better than article submissions but you shouldn’t abuse it. Don’t use blogs as article directories and only submit high quality valuable content. A good advice is to look for blogs with PageRank 3 or more. Also, make sure when the last post was submitted. If the blog is abandoned, there is no point wasting your time trying to contact the owner.

Our SEO efforts should be really taken to the next level. Each year, Google’s rules are tightening and it is getting more and more difficult to come up with new SEO strategies. This is why it is a good idea to leave the sinking ship of article submissions and get on the guest blogging lifeboat. You will see improvement in your results right away since this is the more natural way to get links, rankings and traffic.

Atanas Valchev is working as a SEO specialist at SEO PAL ltd. – a leading SEO agency in Bulgaria.

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