Getting Ready For Spring Break

Spring break is the time when you should indulge yourself and neglect your work or studies. Leave it all behind and set yourself to a new destination. Even if your bank account does not give you enough for an exotic getaway, you can make your own trip and get to know your city a little bit better. Warm days are the right time to find some new and exciting clothes and make creative outfits to match your sunny smile.

Out In the Open

Spring breaks are the time when everyone wants to be outside and spend their days doing numerous outdoor activities. Weather it is a nearby cinema that is out in the open or a local music festival, your wardrobe should be relaxed and comfy in case you need to sit on the grass or dance all night. Sneakers are basic item so you have to start with them. Denim is always a good choice along with a shirt around your waist or an interesting scarf that could warm you if you get too cold. Jeans are also the most comfortable thing to have and with an oversized gray shirt, silly earrings and a light parka you are ready for some serious partying.

Getting Ready For Spring Break

The Beach

For some, break means only one thing – the beach. Many start organizing parties, sports competitions, camping activities and a lot more only to attract as many people as they possibly can. To enjoy the beach properly you need clothes made of natural materials that you can wear all day long. An essential item for a day at the beach is definitely a bathing suit. With a colorful and comfortable women’s swimwear your beach getaway will be the best experience you’ve ever had. To make a striking outfit for the evening around the camp fire, choose a transparent dress and some jewels to wear over the swimwear and you are good to go even if you end up in the water.

Cycling Around

When the weather gets warmer it would be good to use it and plan a cycling tour around your neighborhood, town or even to arrange a visit to a national park or woods and longer spend a weekend on wheels. This is a perfect activity for friends and in this case the more is always merrier. But, when it’s about clothes, is the opposite – less is more. Take with you only essentials: jeans, short pants, cotton shirts and a swimming suit. Yes, you heard it right. Whenever you are on an adventure, take it with you ‘cause maybe you will come across an interesting river or a mountain lake perfect for a swim after a long day. A hat is much needed so don’t forget to find a silly one to protect your face from the sun.

Getting Ready For Spring Break

It’s Pool Time

Parties are an essential part of spring break traditions. There you can mingle, get together with old friends or make new one. Basically, the point is to look fresh, fashionable and effortless so you should choose wisely when it is about your perfect outfit for a pool party. The key is in balancing between an everyday look and a serious dress-up. Be creative, feel free to use more jewels than usual and be comfortable. And if you get stuck with ideas just take your favorite swimming suite, a big unicolor top, leggings and wrap it up with some interesting summery espadrilles with a print. Also, you are allowed to put some light make up on, but bear in mind not to exaggerate.

In the end, spring breaks are all about doing what you like with your loved ones. Use this time to be adventurous, go with the flow, but dedicate some time to plan your outfit to be sure you don’t miss a thing. Find pleasure in the small things and just be yourself.

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