Getting The Grass Right Is A Thankless Task

It does not seem like all that long ago when Premier League heavyweights Manchester United were apparently in crisis due to the fact that their newly laid pitch was cutting up all the time and the grass wouldn’t grow properly because of the way in which its football stadium was designed.

The solution took a lot of time and effort, by getting someone in to the club who could first identify the problem and then seek to put into practice the means of ensuring the surface was playable again for the duration of the season – and for many years to come.

These days, the top clubs in Europe have a number of dedicated ground staff whose job is simply to ensure that the pitch is right for the players come match day, throughout all seasons and varying weather conditions.

This certainly seems like no mean feat as when the turf needs to be constantly relayed there are always those ready to criticise the methods of laying the surface, but when there is no problem, it appears these turf professionals do not get the credit they deserve.

While this may be just one example from the world of sport, it is important for any keen gardener or grounds person to maintain their lawns and ensure they are kept in tip-top condition, looking great and feeling great when walked on as well. Even if there is no sport being played on its surface, or concert being held with the help of a groundsheet, it still needs to be looked after with care.

There are turf specialists whose aim it is to supply turf and topsoil to those who are after a freshly cut product direct from the grower. So when you want to make sure that the grass is given the best conditions in which to grown and flourish, it can pay to use the right supplier.

No matter what the application is, a beautiful lawn is one of those amazing sights which is not just reserved for a few weeks in the summer, but that can be enjoyed at other times too. This takes a great deal of effort on the part of the gardener. While these experts may not need the adulation or a pat on the back for doing a good job, they will certainly hear about it if there are any problems with the upkeep of the lawn. Maybe it is about time they were appreciated for the jobs they do?

This article was written by Bob Champion, a keen gardener, on behalf of

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