Getting To Know Your Employee – Without Hiring A Private Detective

It is important that you hire a good applicant. You don’t have to get someone with the most impressive credentials. What you need is someone with a good character and has a potential.

Ask the right questions during interview. You don’t have to stick with the ‘standard’ interview questions. You see, these questions can be easily seen over the internet. I’m sure your applicant has read those. He might even have rehearsed the answers for those. Surprise your interviewee. You should come up with questions that will make them reveal their real personality. An example would be, “So what were you like back in College? Are you active in class? Do you have an organization?” These questions aren’t too personal if you ask me. You just want to know how one handles himself in unexpected situations.

Use Google. You are not stalking your applicant. You just want to verify if he is telling the truth. Just in case you saw your applicant’s Facebook account, don’t let it be a determining factor if you will hire him or not. Remember, it is his personal life and it might be different from how he works. There are other information which you could use. Linkdin account is a good source. After all, it’s a network for professionals.

Make sure to call the references. There are a lot of applicants who think that companies won’t call their references. Well, they are true. That’s why you should also probe a bit. Check if the reference and the applicant are not related. Some companies think that it’s just a waste of time and that the exam results and the interview should be enough to gauge one if he’s perfect for the job. But that shouldn’t be the case. Call the references and do what you need to. Ask information about the applicant.  

Bear in mind that your employees are a big factor to your company’s success. Hiring the wrong person might put your company at risk. Know if your applicant is being true. Know if his resume is a hoax or not. If it is, chances are, he will do the same lying schemes in the office.

It is important that you require your hiring personnel to exert effort to verify one’s resume or credentials. Don’t just judge base on how an applicant talks. It should be a thorough investigation. After all, you wouldn’t want a liar to be in your company, would you?

Barbara Watson knows that a company should hire good employees. It would be beneficial for them. That is why she creates tips on how you should screen your applicants. Aside from that, she writes for a team that helps companies on their software needs. They even create healthcare kiosks for hospitals and the like.

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