Gifts For Men (And You!) For Any Occasion

Let’s be honest: shopping for women is difficult for men, and shopping for men is difficult as a woman, especially when your man has a taste for sports teams you can hardly recall or has a love for his Nintendo… or was it an Xbox? And choosing a gift can be even more difficult when it’s your boyfriend or spouse. After all, you shop enough for him throughout the year as it is, what more could you possibly get?

But the one thing people forget during any gift-giving holiday or birthday celebration is that the best gifts are the gifts of memories. Okay, that was cheesy, but a study at San Francisco State University by Dr. Ryan Howell did show people who spend money on experiences have a greater return on investment than people who spend money on material goods, like a new sweater or cell phone. That’s because memories have a lasting, positive effect, especially when you share them with someone you love.

So for your birthday, anniversary, or holiday, we’re serving up five fond memories you can gift any man.

1. Sports Tickets, Concert Tickets, Oh My!
Nothing is more exhilarating than seeing your favorite sports team or band playing live. Whether the venue is an enormous stadium or a jazz bar downtown, surprising your man with tickets to a show will leave him speechless.

But if you’re not a fan of sports or his favorite bands, and you don’t much enjoy the idea of giving away a ticket to one of his friend, you can find tickets to something you both enjoy, like entree to a theme park or local fair. This will guarantee you both have a good time!

2. A Class for the Aspiring Sportsman, Musician, or Wannabe Chef
If you have time for research, engage your boyfriend or spouse in wishful thinking. Ask him what his favorite hobbies are (if you don’t already know), or better yet, find some sneaky way of getting him to complete this sentence: “I wish I knew how to…” or “I wish I was better at…”

And boom! You’ve got the perfect gift for the season!

Whether your man loves to golf, play tennis, or wants to learn how to play the guitar or how to drive a race car, buying lessons with a professional is a gift that will have him raving for years. It may even kindle a new, positive hobby to fill his time.

If you would like to spend time together, a joint cooking class will bring you lots of fun, whether the dish you cook together is a disaster or delight. If you’re willing to put in some extra work, take massage lessons yourself to surprise him with your new skills.

3. A Delightful Wine (or Beer) Tour
Whether you’re wine newbies or one-glass-a-day types, a wine tour is a great way to spend a celebration. Both you and your man will have a blast taste-testing new wines and exploring venues downtown or in the country.

Short on cash? Hop onto online forums wine junkies frequent and ask for help in selecting a few bottles. Then, host your own wine tasting at home or at the park.

But don’t forget, if he prefers beer over wine, you may want to limit your search to craft beers and breweries instead!

4. A Night Out at the Arcade
Whether he’s a fan of old school Street Fighter or the latest Resident Evil video game, a night out to an arcade is an affordable and exciting gift. Some arcades, like Dave & Buster’s, also offer hearty food, and drinks for those of-age.

Not a fan of video games? Invite a friend his, and a friend of yours. That way, you can spend the night at the bar with your friend, and he can spend the night with his playing all his favorite games. Just remember to join in every once in a while. The gift is all about him, after all!

5. Sexy Lingerie is not just for Women
Bringing in the best for last: sexy underwear. Now it’s no surprise the best gift you can give is one that is spontaneous, exhilarating, and sure to boost his confidence. But this idea is one that will bring you both lasting excitement.

If you’re feeling a little daring, a pair of novelty underwear is the way to go. You may both have a laugh at first, but the message you’ll give is clear: you’re looking for a little spice this holiday, and he’s at the top of your naughty list.

The fellas at ABC Underwear offer all kinds of underwear—from boxers to trunks to thongs—as well as some sexy lingerie for women if you’re not sure your man would be comfortable in leather or something tight.

Or you can be practical, and buy your man quality underwear. It may not sound like much, but a fresh pair of underwear can be as exciting as a novelty pair. It will make him feeling fresh and comfortable, and give you a great reason for a private modeling session in the bedroom!

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