Girls Glamour To Prom

The astonishment of it all happens in one breath. You can already feel the butterflies flapping around ferociously in your stomach the moment you see how awesome your date looks outside of school. You can easily visualize the grand room filled with all of your peers each dressed in their own unique flair of elegance. It took so much time and so much work to get to this moment. The fabulous people who stood by your side throughout the years share in this blissful event.

The glam radiating off of you and your girls took a lot of hours to create. But the process in getting there should not have to be another chore off of the prom to-do list. Make getting glam a totally fab activity to share with the ones who matter most.

Facial, Manicure, Pedicure Frenzy
One fantastic way to get ready for the prom is to gather your friends for a spa day. Select spas have amazing deals for the special night. Bring in a whole group to the spa for facials, massages, manicures, pedicures or more. Select spas will have a discount price for the prom so be sure to relax, kick back and enjoy your companions in luxurious glamour.

No Stress for Your Tresses
Spa day works well along with a trip to the salon. There are tons of fun and stylish hair styles to choose from to match your spectacular formal dress. This is the time to really bring out the unique you in your creative new mane. Spend time chatting away with your girls at the salon hours before prom time.

Play Prom Up
Organize a night where you and your friends not only share about the latest news trending around school. Play dress up with each other’s dresses and take silly pictures. Not only can you admire your friend’s sense of style – you’ll be able to relive a childhood memory before entering your grown years. Remember the giggles and the photos as a cherished memory to hold on to forever.

Shop for Prom Accessories
On this special night, the dress you wear is a sophisticated representation of your inner expression. The right accessories should add that extra sparkle to your formal wear. Make it a girl’s shopping day to find the perfect trinkets for your dress. Claire’s, DEB, H&M or Forever 21 are great places to go for jewelry. Or you can save money raiding each other’s jewelry boxes. There might be a certain treasure hidden away at your BFF’s humble abode.

Close off those memorable years of high school by spending the last few days glamming up and creating even more fun memories with those who’ve always been there.

This article was written by Tiffany Richards.

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