Give The Gift Of Tech This Christmas

Looking for some last minute christmas gift inspiration? The festive season is upon us once more, and for many folk it’s a time of head scratching as they try and work out the best gifts to buy for their friends, partners and family. This year, forget the tins of assorted shortbread or chocolates, the novelty reindeer jumpers and the luxury bath salts presentation basket and give the gift of tech this Christmas.

Technology gifts are perfect for all ages
Unlike those short-lived Christmas presents that are eaten by Boxing Day, worn once and then hung in the wardrobe and forgotten or surreptitiously exchanged as soon as the shops open again, technology gifts keep on bringing pleasure time after time. That’s all very well, you say, but I can’t give some complicated and new-fangled tech gift to my eighty year-old grandmother can I?
Actually, you can. £55 will buy a mobile phone developed by the charity Age UK that is specifically designed for ease-of-use by the elderly. It’s a small price to pay knowing that someone you love can easily get in touch with you whenever and wherever they want, plus Age UK’s mobile phone will also store up to eight numbers; an invaluable benefit in case there’s an emergency.

The MP3 player is another great example of a tech Christmas gift that’s suitable for all ages. The latest MP3 players are simple to use and if your grandparents aren’t into listening to Metallica or the Sex Pistols, they’re bound to be grateful for an MP3 player pre-loaded with audio books from their favourite authors.

A tech gift can make the Christmas telly experience even better
Everyone loves the TV at Christmas. With big films, favourite comedies, Christmas specials galore and even the Queen’s Speech there’s no aspect of Christmas TV that can’t be made even better via a thoughtful tech gift. High-definition TVs are becoming less and less expensive – this year you can pick up a 42” hi-definition TV from leading manufacturers for little more than £250 – it might seem extravagant but as a single gift to the whole family a big hi-def telly is guaranteed to please everyone. Blu-ray disc players are an easily affordable tech gift too, and a dream for any serious movie buff. And for a TV gift that really keeps on giving, a digital PVR (personal video recorder) with integrated catch-up TV services such as those provided by YouView will finally spell an end top those Christmas family squabbles over who’s going to watch what and when, and will continue to ensure hours of happy TV viewing for Christmases to come.

Tech gifts can be as inexpensive or as extravagant as you like
It’s a mistake to rule out Christmas tech gifts on the grounds that they’re too expensive. The sheer wealth of tech gear available means that there are fantastic tech gifts to suit every budget. A quality DAB radio or MP3 docking station can be picked up for less than £30 these days, whilst big-name personal audio players capable of playing music, movies and storing photos are also available for the same kind of price. If they’ve already got a decent personal stereo, a pair of new high-tech headphones won’t cost the earth and are sure to be appreciated. Of course, if money’s no object (or at least less of an object) then the tech gift world is your oyster. Who wouldn’t be pleased to unwrap the latest games console such as the Wii U, or a shiny new laptop computer, or a cutting-edge smartphone on Christmas morning?

Spread a little seasonal joy. Give the gift of tech this Christmas
There’s a tech Christmas gift out there for absolutely everyone. Whether it’s a spanky new digital camera for the family photographer, a portable speaker for the music fan or a full home cinema surround sound kit for the avid movie-buff you can be sure that when you give the gift of tech this Christmas you’ll be making someone far happier than they’d have been to receive a multipack of socks or a novelty dancing Santa.

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