Give Your Garage A Hollywood Face Lift!

Have your garage doors seen better days?  Perhaps you’ve had a bit of an accident with them, or they are just getting old.  Either way it may be time to find a quality Orlando garage door repair company to help get them looking like themselves again.  Better yet, why not take the opportunity to do a garage door makeover!  The garage area of most homes can take up a lot of space and can really set the whole tone for your home’s exterior.  Make sure your home is giving off the right impression by finding garage doors that compliment your style and improve your curb appeal.

Make the Best Choice
It is not every day that you shop for new garage doors.  In fact many garage doors have warranties today that will see them lasting 20 years or more.  This means this is not a decision to take lightly as these are the doors that will be the “face” of your home for some time.  This means it is an important decision, and not one that should be rushed!  The good news is that today’s garage doors are better than ever and come in more styles than ever too.  You will find that newer doors are often much stronger then the doors from even a decade ago.  They also tend to be more secure, which is important to keeping your whole home safe.  Insulation is another area where new doors have been improved, as is the maintenance that is required which is very little for new doors.

Once you see all the options available today it can be hard to choose.  There really is a style for every home, not to mention an endless amount of colors and even patterns and window designs to choose from.  To begin, you may want to take some pictures of the outside of your home from different angles so you can more easily match new styles of garage doors.  Will you be making any other changes to your home’s exterior in the near future?  Do take into account any planned changes so that your new garage doors will still suit your home’s look.

Style It Your Way
You may want to start looking through images online to get some inspiration for all the possibilities available today.  One of the first things you may want to decide is what material you prefer the doors to be made from.  There are of course the traditional wooden doors, as well as metal doors, fiberglass doors, and the newest on the scene plastic doors which typically offer the longest warranties.

Another big decision to be made is the type of door you want.  Questions to consider include…

  • Do you want roll up doors?
  • Swing doors?
  • Overhead doors?
  • Are you looking for something completely customized?

Many styles transition well, but it may be best to decide which is right for you before choosing an exact look.

A quality Orlando garage door repair company can update your current doors or install completely new options.  Color, accents and style are of course important to giving your home the best curb appeal.  Be sure that the doors complement your home’s style.

For example, if you have windows at the top of your home that arch, you may want similar window accents on your garage door that will compliment it.  If you have a breezy beach home, then slatted wooden accents on the front will continue this “open” feeling of your home.  A rustic home may look charming with barn door style garage doors, whereas the same doors may look unusual on a sleek modern styled home.  Find a style you love and be sure the color, accents, and overall style enhance the look of your home.

Things to Decide

  1. The material of the door, be it wood, metal, fiberglass, or plastic.
  2. The type of door such as roll up, swing, or overhead.
  3. The style, accents, windows, and color.

Find a quality Orlando garage door repair company that can make your garage door makeover a breeze.  Make the face of your home as beautiful as you can with new stylish garage doors.

Courtland Skipper of All American Garage Door Solutions offers information on Orlando garage door repair options and Orlando garage doors.

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