Give Your Home A Face-lift

Your home is the biggest asset that you will ever own, so why not take care of it. The longer that you leave repairs, the greater the chance of the maintenance being rather costly, so stay ahead and ensure that you keep your home in tip top shape.

Here is a list of five ways to give your home a much needed face-lift:

  • Put Another Coat On It
  • Keep Things Moving
  • Refresh The Curb
  • Tend To The Flooring
  • Change The Cupboards

Number One – Put Another Coat On It
The first way to revive your home is by giving it a new coat of paint. A new coat of paint not only protects the walls better, but is also gives the home a cleaner and more inviting look. The best colours to paint your home would be cream, light pink or light blue, the reason is that these colours provide a calm and peaceful look to the home, whereas a dark red or green gives the home a harsh edge to it.

Number Two – Keep Things Moving
The best way to change your entire home without spending a penny would be to change the things you already have. Instead of purchasing a new lounge suite, rather move the furniture around in the room. Place the television set in a different position, this will force you to move the couches and for the final finishing touches, move paintings and other artwork to a different room. This together with a new coat of paint will ensure that your home begins to look new and different.

Number Three – Refresh The Curb
No amount of paint on the walls can fix a messy looking curb. Ensure that you trim the hedges of your plants and try something new on your pavement. Another way to refresh the outside of the home is to change the driveway and deck area. Remember to avoid multiple themes in the garden and stick to something elegant and easy to maintain.

Number Four – Tend To The Floor
You can change anything in the home, but it the flooring is damaged or unsightly, then you will never notice the other changes. Ensure that you change the carpets and have the wooden floors resealed. If you are looking to replace wooden floor, using reclaimed wood as it is cheaper and environment friendly.

Number Five – Change The Cupboards
Simply replace the cupboard doors, it will give you the change that you require and at a fraction of the price of replacing the entire cabinet. Ensure that you choose a colour for the door that suits the room. For example: a pine wood cupboard would look out of place and give the room a harsh finish in a dining area with dark wood tables and chairs.

In conclusion, giving your home a face-lift is easier than you think. The small changes, such as these five, will give the home a completely new look and without costing you a fortune.

I am Greg Jones, a home loans consultant for a property finance firm. My job is to approve loans for household repairs and maintenance. I have found that most people try to do too much with their homes and two things happen: they run out of money and the finishes clash with the original home’s design. Use these five ways to keep your home looking fresh.

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