Giving Your Legal Blog Wings: How To Market Your Legal Blog

Your legal blog can be more than your outlet for frustrations, musings on coffee culture, and that thing you tried to start but have long since forgotten about. In fact, your blog can be a promotional tool for your brand and your practice, getting you in front of more potential clients than ever before and affording you the opportunity to become an authority in your field. But while most lawyers never have trouble with finding something to talk about, they often have problems marketing their blog effectively.

Promoting your legal blog can be as easy as writing it. The basis of any good blog is to have an expansive network in which you market in, connect with users in, and find likeminded individuals to help promote your blog for you. Raising brand awareness in this matter can gain many new followers for your legal blog in no time. The following tips will help you market your law blog in an effective manner.

Cross Promote
As great as your blog may be, it isn’t enough on its own. Get your blog seen by cross promoting your blog and blog posts on all the other virtual assets you own. For instance, posting a link to your latest blog post on your Facebook page is a great way to get your friends and colleagues interested. Ask for them to join the discussion, share the blog with their friends, and to come back next week for a new post. Including the followers you already have gives your blog a more successful advantage. Also, include links to your blog anywhere you communicate with people. Think about your email signature, your website, and all of your social media profiles as potential marketing tools for your blog. Cross promotion is a free and easy way to market your blog without having to hire a marketing consultant or take out an advertisement.

Create A Network
Like I said before, your blog can’t survive by itself. You can market your blog effectively by creating a network among other bloggers with similar interests and an established audience that can help get your name out there. Build these relationships with other bloggers by offering to write guest blog posts in exchange for some links back to your blog. Also, let other bloggers submit a few posts for your blog and have them advertise on their websites and social media profiles. This kind of collaborative network of legal bloggers can widen everyone’s audience with each new blog post. A blogging network will also help you share ideas and learn from other bloggers’ mistakes and successes. Another great marketing tactic is to write comments on the legal blogs you like to follow. By joining their discussions, you can piggyback off of their reputation and become a well-known personality on that blog. By doing so, you’ll entice their followers to come back and read your blog.

Use A Call To Action
If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to market your blog, you’ve undoubtedly come to the conclusion that you need to reach more people. While there might be many different ways to keep your readers coming back, few are as effective as a strong call to action. A call to action can be as simple as a “Subscribe To My Blog” button or “Sign Up For My Emails” link. These kinds of elements can turn a one-time reader into a lasting relationship. Find ways to incorporate subscription buttons into your blog, website, and social media profiles to capture your reader’s attention for years to come. You should also incorporate engaging questions into each blog post so your readers will feel included, can offer feedback, and will feel compelled to share your blog post with their friends and family. Sometimes, simply telling your users what you’d like them to do is enough to convince them to do so. A strong call to action can help establish your blog more so than most marketing strategies.

Your legal blog is full of interesting points and well-written opinions on current events and hot topics specific to your area of law. While you might already be enjoying a small following, a blog with an army of readers and sharers can promote your brand and your practice for you. Take time to promote your blog through your social media channels, blogging networks, and by crafting strong calls to action that capture the attention of even a passer-by.

Finding new clients and becoming a respectable authority in your field doesn’t have be your greatest challenge. By promoting your blog in an effective manner in all the right places, you can be well on your way to enjoying a great following that raises your brand awareness and boosts your reputation.

Pete is a conpywriter working for Cecil & Geiser, whom are dedicated to protecting the state of Ohio. With decades of experience getting clients the results they need, they still treat every client as if they’re the only case in their office. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact them for a free consultation and have the best Ohio law firm in your corner.

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