Go Green On Holiday

Buying a holiday home is exciting, let the professionals take care of the paper work on the home loan application process and focus on the important part, all the fun you are going to have at home. However, just because you go on holiday does not mean so does the environment. In order to be eco-friendly, you need to create a green holiday home. While a holiday home is only used for a small portion of the year, every bit helps.

Here are five tips to go green in your holiday home:

Number One – Keep On Recycling
We all do it every day at home, we have our green bins that we through our plastic, tin and cardboard into. Why not do the same in your holiday home. All you need to do is arrange at your local municipal office for a recycling bin and where the drop off point is and then carry on living like you do at home.

Number Two – Buying Appliances
When you are purchasing appliances for the home, ensure that they have a green rating. The green rating means two things: One, it is environmentally friendly and two, you will save money. This is because it uses less power to operate and as a result causes less carbon emissions.

Number Three – In The Shower
We all love a hot shower, but instead of putting in the high-pressure and high-flow shower head, rather use a low-pressure smaller head. While you may not get ‘spa’ shower feeling, it will again save you money and is eco-friendly. Remember to also turn down the thermostat on the geezer to maximise your energy saving and install solar panels on the roof to provide heat to the water.

Number Four – The Light Bulbs
Ensure that you use energy saving light bulbs, their lifespan is more than double and it uses less watts to produce a similar type of light.

Number Five – Recycled Materials
Purchase recycled wood to use on flooring, counters and tables. Recycled wood is less expensive to purchase and is eco-friendly. Furthermore, recycled wood is easier to clean and maintain as the wood is harder and thus less susceptible to damage.

In conclusion, when purchasing a holiday home remember to go green and build your home in the most eco-friendly manner. This is advantageous as it helps the environment and minimises your carbon footprint. Therefore, follow these five eco-friendly tips and go green on holiday.

I am Greg Jones, a home loan application agent and a eco-friendly nut. In my holiday home, I have slowly started a process of going completely green. It started with simply paying bills online to used recycled goods when items needed to be replaced. If you do not catch me in my green holiday home, see me on the beach or walking around local markets sampling all the food items.

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