This GPS Time Tracking App For Employees At Remote Locations Simplifies Timesheets & Payroll

One of the most critical and crucial part of “employer – employee relationship” is payroll and there is definitely no room for error in this area. Using an app that can help you create an accurate invoice and payroll reports with ease is necessary.

There are many employee time tracking app in the market today, that minimises up to completely removing the need for manual timesheets. This is highly recommended as this produces more accurate and fair assessments, not only with payroll reports but to track work hours (productive) of employees.

GPS Time Tracking App


During work hours, employees are expected to work and stay productive, may they be in the office or working on site or assigned to work on different areas. For large scale businesses, with many offices on different areas, this can be a bit challenging especially that the only thing you can depend on is trust, whether they will log in their legitimate working hours or extend and cheat on it.

This being the case, use of employee GPS time tracking app is highly recommended. This can benefit both employees and employers too:

For employers

There are so many benefits this employee GPS tracking app can offer employers, and few of them are:

  • This can ensure that payroll are being completed in the most accurate manner, with real time reporting of the employee’s whereabouts.
  • You can assess how efficient your employees are with their work, through their time tracking report, hence giving you the opportunity to know who need coaching and assistance to perform well, whether they are located in your office or somewhere else.
  • It is very easy to track work hours hence giving you more than 40 hours of savings out from calculating timesheets.

For employees

This app is not only for employer’s benefits but employee’s too:

  • Employees hardwork are recognized, considering that everything they do are being tracked and reported real time.
  • Employees will be given coaching and training, when needed, depending on the outcome of their work and overall performance. This can help employees big time progressing with their career.
  • This will let you receive accurate and right compensation all the time, with very minimal to zero chances of dispute. Everything is automated and reports tracked are submitted real time, giving employees the opportunity to check their hours, and ask for changes if needed, before payroll.

gps-time-clock-app (2)

Overall, using a system as such can give employers and employees the opportunity to work together and better towards their business success. There are many GPS time tracking apps in the market today, yet not all of them are best, just like what they claim.

Choose the app that can give you many benefits and help, not limited to just GPS tracking, but more about your business. The more inclusions on their software, the better. There are some who give their app with free trial like Boomr. This is a good way to assess, whether they are the best or you need to look somewhere else.

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