GPS Tracker To Track Delivery Route Not Compromised

GPS Tracker to Track Delivery Route Not Compromised

GPS tracking devices have many functions including making sure a delivery driver takes the correct delivery route.

Follow Vehicle That Has Tracker
We have had jobs before where they need a delivery driver followed to make sure the correct route has been followed. It might sound like a simple job but it was far more complicated than it sounds. The delivery person needed to deliver some stock in a certain way as it was delivering and collecting equipment in a certain order that needed to be stuck to. It was incredible the amount of people who could not deliver the goods in the way they were asked. Normally with every other delivery like this his men had no problems sticking to the maps.

Check Route Is Correct
Once the route has been checked and agreed by all those involved it cannot be deviated from. A GPS tracking device is also fitted to the vehicle to ensure that no deviation is going to be taken. The GPS tracker can be tracked 24/7 via the Internet as an extra precautionary measure. During our work with this client we changed delivery drivers 6 times because they would not or could not stick to the delivery schedule. Our client was getting more and more annoyed by the problem. Everything had been checked and double checked by all involved.

Who Did Delivery Person Meet?
At one point we decided that the route must be corrupt in some way because no one could keep to it. We physically followed the driver as well as the tracker to see who they met and what else they did. The driver did not meet anyone other than who he was scheduled to meet, he did not get lost and he followed the instructions on the job sheet. It was driving everyone mad including the company owner. In the end he decided to deliver the equipment himself with the GPS tracker on the vehicle and he asked us to escort him in our own vehicle.

The Problem Uncovered
The very annoying thing about this job was that no one could follow the instructions and it turned out neither could the company owner. He was devastated to find out that he too had not stuck to the directions. He could not believe this and with our help we worked out what the problem had been all along. The directions were flawed because they were going across different countries and the maps were not up to date or correct for one part of the journey. This one part was the only reason the job failed. A whole section of motorway had been changed but it had not been changed on the maps. Although it had been changed physically it still looked remarkably the same as before. Our client has now had success with the delivery and makes sure he checks the maps himself before the delivery driver sets off. The company he was delivering to were very sympathetic and they admired the fact that our client would not let it stop him from getting the delivery carried out.

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