Great Activities At The Grand Canyon

Hiking is very common. The two main, and most commonly used, trails are the Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel Trail. Most people hike the Bright Angel Trail because it is located at the Grand Canyon Village and easily accessible.

The Kaibab Trail was made to provide exposure to the elements. It would be better to hike the Kaibab Trail in the winter, because most of the other trails are covered in ice and snow. It would be best to not take this trail in the summer, because of the amount of exposure it has.

There are tours around the rim, and there are helicopter and airplane tours available to see the Grand Canyon. One of the best ways to see the Canyon is from above. The helicopter flies through the canyon, and you are given a narrated tour with interesting facts about the canyon and what you see.

While the ground, you can take bike, mules, jeep tours and other tours.

The first bike trail is called Hermit Road. Hermit Road is eight miles long and starts to the west of the Bright Angel Lodge, at the south rim of the canyon. A majority of the trail gets close to the edge, and provides the cyclist with an excellent view. The second bike trail is called the Greenway Trails. These trails are multi-use. They are on the south rim of the Canyon’s Greenway. It is an in-progress network. In the future, this trail will connect 73 miles of trail along the north and south rims.

The last touring unit is the Geology, Landscape, and Nature Eco-Tours. These tours consist of a tour guide leading you throughout the park. Showing you the aspects and information of the park. This information is everything you would need to know about the park. For example, how the rock formed, the life, etc.

Make sure you bring your camera. You will see a lot of cool things and will want something to remember them

There are four different rafting trips. Each takes you through the Canyon on the Colorado River.

The first sets are the Full-Canyon trips. There are motorized and man-powered rafts available. The motorized trips are shorter and only last about six to eight days. The oar-powered raft trips take around ten to fourteen days. Longer trips are available. You will see everything spectacular and not miss a thing.

The next sets of trips are the Half-Canyon trips. The shorter trips are from four to nine days. These trips switch midway through the canyon. You will either need to hike up to Bright Angel Trail at the end of your trip, or hike into the canyon at the beginning.

There are two shorter trips. One is the One-Day trip. These One-Day trips are in the western sector of the Grand Canyon. You’ll get a great view in a shorter amount of time.

The Half-Day trips start at the Glen Canyon Dam. These trips are good, because you can use the rest of the time in your day to participate in other things, and these are less intense.

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