Great Gifts For An Athlete

The world of sports related gadgets is daunting at first, but it’s also a great source of gifts for athletes of all types on your shopping list. We’ve done some of your homework for you and narrowed it down to a few great tech gifts for your sportiest friends and family members.

#1: Heart Rate Monitor

Here’s a great gift that is applicable for all kinds of athletes. Most heart rate monitors, such as the Sports Tracker Bluetooth version, work in conjunction with your smartphone to supply quick and accurate data about your heart activity. This device will record your average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and distance traveled. Sync it up with your computer to compare your data and store it long term. Whether your favorite athlete has a pre-existing heart condition or is merely curious about heart rate, this is a fantastic tool.

#2: Garmin Edge Bike Computer

This aptly named “bike computer” keeps track of everything a cyclist could possibly want to know over the course of their bike ride, and probably more. Your loved one will be able to track his or her distance, time, location, speed and even how many calories he or she burned on the ride. It easily mounts on the bike and uses GPS satellite technology to track fitness data. This nifty gadget is perfect for hardcore cyclists and more casual bike enthusiasts alike.

#3: Nike+ Sportswatch GPS

Leave it to Nike to come up with the ultimate toy for runners. Long gone are the days when watches only told the time: this high-tech sport watch also tracks distance ran and calories burned. It stores your running times and even notifies you each time you break a personal best! The wrist strap doubles as a USB connection cord, so there’s no need to fret over extra cables when you want to transfer your data to your computer. This GPS sport watch is a fun and practical gift for runners of all ages and skill levels.

#4: Golf GPS Rangefinder

Golf GPS Rangefinders are at the top of the list of cutting edge golf technology accessories. Use the handy GPS function to discover accurate measurements from the green, potential hazards and more. Many rangefinders come with pre-loaded golf courses, allowing you to start using it as soon as you open the box and power it on. Most models include a distance calculator, waterproof surface, 16 hour battery life, and instant course recognition features. Give your loved one a golf GPS rangefinder and they will be the envy of the golf course for certain.

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