Green Activists Defy Their Own Policies

The Obama Administration is facing a hurdle in implementing its Green projects due to the strict provisions of the law and administration that it has brought about. Along with this, the country is reportedly finding it ridiculous to cope up due to the fact that the Green Activists are indeed opposing the implementation of the Green projects on the heartland of the country.

In the recent times, the development on the bizarre scenario has become the main topic of discussion for the analysts and even at the high official circles. The Obama Administration had earlier vowed to bring down the pollution level and stress on the production of renewable energy to deal with the rising effect of the green house on the drastic climatic changes over the world.

However, the bizarre situation is that the proponents of Green activism themselves have opposed the construction of several renewable green energy projects. Within these few years, almost all the major renewable energy projects, that were to be implemented, had to be canceled due to the stiff opposition faced by the real opposition parties as well as the supporters of Green activism.

However, one of the factors leading to the delay in implementing the projects can also be attributed to the lengthy and unwanted bureaucratic hurdles. This has fueled the delay in implementation of the projects and discouraging the developments on the front of green energy projects itself. According to sources, the excess of regulatory procedure stressed by the administration of President Obama over the past few years, has been another major obstruction that the implementers of the projects are facing on the ground.

The members and the activists vehemently opposing the move are firm on their stand of opinion that the construction of the resources for harnessing the re-newable energy will act as an impediment for the local inhabitants. Such as, the construction of windmills will only be possible on allocation of a huge area of land, that the activists are anticipating that a major chunk of the cultivable land of the common people will be wasted in the process.

In addition to this, the chopping of the woodland for the purpose of construction of the power-generating utilities will also add to destruction of the natural habitat of the animals of the said area. Even then, there is no guarantee that the force of the wind will remain equal throughout the year, to produce a sufficient amount of energy needed for the country.

Another factor mentioned by the protestors include that the ultimate benefit will be enamored by the people of the distant places, other than those percolating to the local inhabitants of the area, who should become the first party to receive the benefit arising from the production of the energy.

The present dilemma persisting among the green activists have simply taken aback every one, and they too are in the verge of finding and discussing alternative methods to solve the problem. However, in between all these, the Obama administration has got into stake for not being able to deliver its promise to the citizens of the country. This might turn out to be a major setback for the party in the upcoming Presidential race.

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