Gutter Repair And Replacement Tips

The gutters on your home are important because they take the large amounts of rain water and divert it away from your home and foundation. Gutters that become damaged can become more of a concern as they don’t continue to divert the water as well as can cause water build-up and backup under the roofing. When you notice that your gutters are not functioning or seem to be dripping or building up water it is time to consider repair or replacement.

How to know if you should repair or replace your gutters:

  • Is the gutter sagging? Sagging gutters can become a serious problem because they allow water to collect in various spots instead of draining out and away from your home. These water build-ups can back up beneath shingles and destroy roofing or even lead to leaks inside of your home. Most often sagging is caused by supports or hangers that get loose or begin to give way. In this case the repair is fairly simple in that the supports need to be adjusted or replaced, but not the entire gutter system.
  • Are the seams gapping? Over time when water is constantly present it is common for seems to begin to gap or separate. These gaps can become a problem as they allow water to drip through in various places across your roofline and not down the spout where you want it directed. Most gapping seams can be easily repaired by welding the seam or by readjusting a support or connecting bracket. For seams that continue to gap and come apart or when gapping seams are part of a ongoing or larger problem with the gutters you should consider replacement.
  • Is there rust or dings in the gutters? Most new gutters are constructed of vinyl material. Older gutters are made of aluminum and others galvanized steel. These older gutters that are made of steel will eventually have rust or ding issues. When rust becomes a problem on your gutters you can be painted or rust spots can be treated, dings can simply be tapped back into place. If rust spots continue to appear or begin to rust through creating holes you should consider replacement.
  • Are there holes or other damage? Holes or otherwise damaged gutters are a major problem with your gutters. Holes allow water to run in areas you don’t want or even directly on your home’s foundation. When you notice holes or other damage the best option is to completely replace the gutters.

While many gutter systems can be repaired, there comes a time when replacement is much more cost effective than continuing to repair a system that is continuing to degrade and wear out. Use Black & Decker parts to find the right parts needed to fix your tools and work on your home’s gutter system.

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